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    Ego Is the Enemy

    From the Art of Manliness

    In the quest to become the men we want to be, we’re often our own worst enemies, especially when it comes to our egos. Ego is what prevents us from being humble and teachable when we’re first starting out in an endeavor. It blinds us to our own weaknesses during success, and it can cause us to wallow in self-pity when we fail. My guest today on the podcast has recently published a book filled with insights from history on how ego can get in the way of our success and what we can do to mitigate its downsides.

    His name is Ryan Holiday and his book is Ego Is the Enemy. Today on the show, we look at examples from history of eminent men whose hubris caused their downfall, and others who were able to successfully harness their ego to attain greatness. We also discuss steps that you can take to prevent ego from causing you to stumble.

    Show Highlights

    What is ego [02:00]
    How ego is related to hubris and what the Ancient Greeks did to help them keep their hubris in check [04:00]
    How our modern culture of self-esteem and self-promotion is actually hurting our individual and societal progress [05:00]
    Why most people think outside forces are thwarting their progress when it’s actually their own ego [07:00]
    The three phases in any endeavor where you need to check your ego [11:30]
    Why people who’ve been successful are often the most susceptible to failure [15:00]
    What General Sherman can teach you about staying humble when you’re first starting your career and once you’ve gained success [17:00]
    How General Grant’s success as a Civil War commander caused him to bite off more than he could chew by running for president [21:30]
    What John Boyd can teach us about not letting our ego get in the way when we begin an endeavor [26:30]
    Why passion is overrated and you should focus on purpose [31:30]
    Why success can lead to your downfall [36:30]
    What you can learn from Genghis Khan about staying humble in victory [37:00]
    Why routine, planning, and discipline become more important after you’ve gained success [38:30]
    How not being able to delegate is a sign of ego [44:30]
    How ego is your enemy when you fail [47:00]
    Can ego be your friend? [52:00]


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    Loved Ryan Holliday's first book, The Obstacle is the Way. Lot's of great stuff to be gained by studying Stoic philosophy.

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