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    daily pins for almost a year

    Almost 3 yrs on TRT, almost 11 months of daily pins (quads or delts), 20mgs TC, 125 mgs Hcg, 25 mgs DHEA & 5 drops Tadalafil peptide 2x daily. NO AI. No issues. **although I need to raise Free T up a bit. All in all a 53 yr old going on 30. I am happy as hell.
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    Hi Bud,

    Well, you have reason to be happy! You have some pretty good looking labs there. It looks like you have everything dialed in........but how do you feel? That's the most important thing? Do you feel as good as your numbers look?

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    With your SHBG of 45 I am surprised that you are pinning daily? Most people that are pinning daily have a very low SHBG and you are right below the middle of the range.

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    Glad you are having good luck with it. I have higher SHBG and tried daily shots. I liked the protocol and smaller injections, but overall didn't have and subjective benefits, so I went back to E3.5D. It seems like successful daily injections are very individual.

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    Congratulations on finding a protocol that's working for you.
    I am not a medical practitioner. Any suggestions I provide are not medical recommendations and are just my opinions. Please consult with your physician on any matters concerning your health.

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    I'm glad your happy. I've been sold on daily injections for four years. I, too, am a bit surprised that your SHBG didn't work against you, but...it's TRT...nothing should surprise any of us.
    I am not a physician. Comments offered here are for discussion purposes only. Please consult your doctor before initiating, changing, or stopping any therapy.

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