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    FDA Rejects Test E Autoinjector, Xyosted

    The news article says:

    Antares Pharma had applied for approval of the product for men with physician-determined hypogonadism. The prefilled, single-use injector enables patients to self-administer testosterone at home instead of applying a patch or gel, or having an intramuscular injection in a doctor's office.

    The FDA identified two safety concerns. First, that Xyosted could cause a clinically meaningful increase in blood pressure, and second, it is concerned about the occurrence of depression and suicidality.

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    Easiest way to do an intramuscular injection is this device.
    the website has different models of this design but this is cheaper than the others and works great. I use this on every week for my testosterone shot.
    I got the one in black. as I didn't like the purple. LOL

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