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    Dr. Frank Melograno

    I am looking for patients of Dr Frank Melograno. He is a urologist located in Annapolis and Greenbelt Maryland. I have low t for 6 years. Finally went to a hrt clinic and was placed on clomid.Low dose Clomid 25 mg m/w/f raised my t from 270s to high 700s. Hrt clinic was super expensive $400-600. Have recently cut clomid down to 12.5mg eod. I am no longer able to tolerate the side effects from the medication blurry vision/headaches. Reason for clomid is I wanted to raise my t and be fertile. I am 25 years old married with no kids. I have had every test imaginable with no findings as to why t is low. I curious as to if any of Dr. Melograno's patients are on testoterone and hcg to preserve fertility. What doses does he use ect.

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    Also, your age and lab results would be helpful.

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