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    New Member - Looking for MD

    Hi all. After almost 5 years, 7 doctors and blood tests that keep coming back with very low T numbers, I'm tired of doctors who refuse to help and throw out other things that are nothing but symptoms of my low T. Just looking for help. I'm about at the end of my patience level and hate feeling this way for so long without any backing by the medical quacks.

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    Welcome to Excelmale. Sadly, your tale isn't unique...most of us encountered terrible medical care before finding a doctor who could help us achieve success on TRT. But success is possible. If you care to offer any background on your situation a good discussion usually results. We can offer referrals to qualified doctors, though it should be noted they typically practice on a fee-for-service model. Let us know where things stand.
    I am not a physician. Comments offered here are for discussion purposes only. Please consult your doctor before initiating, changing, or stopping any therapy.

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    I'd be happy to add more. Where would the preferred post go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mxman420 View Post
    I'd be happy to add more. Where would the preferred post go?
    You can do that here as far as I know. If the moderators feel it's appropriate they'll move it.

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    Well I'm turning 50 next week. Two separate blood work have my free test at 39.1 and total test at 170. My SHGB is 22. But all the doctors say it's cause of my weight or it's normal.

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    I would look into using one of our advertisers, Prime Body or Defy Medical. I've been using Defy for over 2 1/2 years. I live in Wisconsin and they are in Florida, I do everything over the phone and internet.
    I am not a medical practitioner. Any suggestions I provide are not medical recommendations and are just my opinions. Please consult with your physician on any matters concerning your health.

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    PrimeBody is definitely an ExcelMale site sponsor and I would be happy to discuss with you!!

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