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    HCG dosage

    I just started on TRT this week with the following protocol:

    100mg Test Cyp injection 1x per week
    1500UI HCG 1x per week, same day as Test.

    Brief background: 32 yo, Total T 140, E2 at 16.

    Question I have is on the HCG dosage. The test cyp dosage looks normal for starting but the HCG appears very high for just starting out on HCG. Am I wrong?

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    It does look high and the half life for HCG is around 24-36 hours. There are as many theories about TRT and its related compounds as there are men it seems. I use 1500IU of hug a week but I inject it over three injections and dose my AI with it. Doing that one big shot may cause some Estrogen fluctuations but heck, at least your doctor prescribed it! That alone can be hard to get a script for. You can always experiment if you know how your E levels look after a while.

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    It's unusual for TRT purposes which as Saxon remarked typically run no more than 500 in one injection. I think it's too much, little/no/diminishing benefit to use that much.

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    That hcg protocol seems high, and all in one shot? Maybe start with 500 every 3.5 days. Should be plenty, but everyone's different. Test is decent starting point. Can always work up from there. Average seems to be 100-170mg/wk, with a small amount of guys above or below those numbers and still successful. Otherwise you wind up with not enough or too much for long term success.

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    I've always used HCG dosing at 500iu every 3 1/2 days, I agree with others using more then 500iu at one injection is to high.
    I am not a medical practitioner. Any suggestions I provide are not medical recommendations and are just my opinions. Please consult with your physician on any matters concerning your health.

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