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    For the treatment of low t no advantage in combining short/long acting esters

    Refer to pg.422-424 Testosterone Ester Combinations (see graphs). No advantage to combining short/long acting esters. Both esters cause peak elevations in serum levels shortly after injection and combining both esters (propionate/enanthate) as oppose to enanthate at same dosages = 100mg uneristerfied testosterone just increases the initial peak and negatively impact the pharmacokinetics.


    Overall great information regarding pharmacology of testosterone preparations.

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    Is that a popular thing to do? What ester do you use?

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    My urologist likes to prescribe Delatestryl (enanthate) as it comes in 5ml vial 200mg/ml as oppose to the Depo-Testosterone (cypionate) which comes in 10ml vial 100mg/ml and since my uro has his patients do sub-q he prefers the more concentrated Delatestryl so you can keep injection volumes low. Enanthate and Cypionate are the most commonly used esters for trt and they are basically interchangeable as their half-lives are fairly similar just cypionate is slightly longer acting. Propionate is not common but if one is doing daily/eod injections than prop can have some benefits due to the short acting half life. I started my trt on Depo-Test for the first 8 weeks as pharmacy I used Delatestryl was on back order especially at a lot of pharmacies around here. I have been using Delatestryl now for 5 months as I use my urologists pharmacy which always has it. I could at least say I felt more bloated on the cyp but I think it had more to do with my body adjusting to new levels as the first couple of months on trt are the hardest because after 2 weeks your endogenous t is shut down and the starting trt dose of 100mg/week is not always enough for everyone to reach optimal blood levels let alone it takes 6 weeks for test levels to stabilize. After 8 weeks at 100mg/week my levels were around 480ng/dl on my trough 7 days after injection. My dose was increased to 150mg which is a big jump as I should have tried 120mg but I started splitting my dose every 3.5 days at 75mg and my levels are around 1200ng/dl. Most do well on 100mg/week especially if you inject 50mg every 3.5 days as you will have less variance between peak/trough and levels will be more stable. On average most need anywhere from 100-140mg week to reach optimal high/normal levels but you will only know with blood work and what is most important is not just the tt number but relief of your low t symptoms how you feel overall. Some feel good at 600-800 and others 800-1000.

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    Madman: Thanks for sharing that paper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelson Vergel View Post
    Madman: Thanks for sharing that paper.
    My pleasure Nelson! It was taken from an excellent medical book TESTOSTERONE-ACTION-DEFICIENCY-SUBSTITUTION 4th edition written by Professors Eberhard Nieschlag and Hermann M. Behre from Germany and is written in depth regarding information on testosterone and its role in human physiology and pathology. Happened to come across 4th edition on amazon for $55 usd as most of the previous versions range anywhere from $100-300.

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