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    UK Online Blood Testing

    Through our affiliate relationship with Medichecks we are offering the PHD Andropause Check, it covers the essentials for a diagnostic workup for Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome. We also offer a Testosterone & Oestrodiol test and a Total Testosterone test, just follow the link...

    Capillary sampling can be done in the privacy of your own home or you can go to a nearby clinic to have your blood drawn.


    Dr Robert Stevens MBChB MRCGP DipFIPT
    The Men's Health Clinic

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    Thank you for the update, Dr. Stevens. In the past few months we've had more and more UK residents joining us and they typically want alternatives to the NHS.
    I am not a physician. Comments offered here are for discussion purposes only. Please consult your doctor before initiating, changing, or stopping any therapy.

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    No problem. Making the tests readily available will only highlight what a massive problem low testosterone is.

    So many men are unknowingly & unwittingly struggling with symptoms of low testosterone. Doctors here in the UK are slowly wising up to the issue but it is slow.

    Help is out there. Men just have to educate themselves so they can make informed choices, not be palmed off with the suggestion they are depressed, or to accept it as all part of aging!

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