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    Rapaflo/Silodisin for BPH?

    In this study, to was shown that seminal emission was radically reduced/eliminated for those patients taking Rapaflo. Orgasm was left intact. Orgasm is preserved regardless of ejaculatory dysfunction with selective α1A-blocker administration “All participants on silodosin had a complete lack...
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    How often to injection prop/cyp blend?

    In explaining the protocol, and the choices he made, what explanation did he/she offer? I’m a daily injector of enanthate, my doctor offers prop injections as well, but in talking it through we opted to stay where I have been (happily) for five years. The blending of two...
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    Daily Injections - Preloading?

    Review of the Exel Low Dead-space Syringe/Needle
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    Injections once weekly

    You wrote that you’ve not done a test to determine SHBG. What was your work-up like prior to the start of therapy? You commented that you’ve been on a protocol for a month; how much of the positive feeling you had at the beginning may be the result of the honeymoon phenomenon? At the start of...
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    When Depression Strikes

    Thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot.
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    Anastrozole - Stabilization

    You’ll never be as good at making that call as a lab test will be. Take the guess-work out of this and test on a consistent basis.
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    Test and (npp) nor 19

    This thread is closed.
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    HCG Testicles Question

    You are doing this on your own, no doctor involved? Have you run any labs? Where does your LH and FSH stand? Total and free testosterone?
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    Newest labs without AI for 6 weeks

    It’s very easy to add an AI and lower your estradiol...perhaps too easy. It’s far harder to raise e2 levels once they have been sent to the basement and the patient is spending time in hormone hell. Be patient and mark time. I have never used an AI; I adjusted a climbing e2 level by...
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    Newbie TRT questions

    You were evaluated with the appropriate estradiol test (resulting in a 27.8 value) but there is no reason for estrone to have been run, none at all. It gives your doctor no information that is actionable. Don’t pay for it again. The FSH indicates you are likely hypogonadal as a result of...
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    Newbie TRT questions

    You don’t need to run LH and FSH - it’s too late. Those tests can not be completed once exogenous testosterone has been initiated since natural production has been shut down. They would have given valuable insight into whether you are dealing with primary or secondary hypogonadism (which would...
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    Newbie TRT questions

    The pre-treatment tests to fully evaluate where things stand. Total and free testosterone LH and FSH SHBG Estradiol, Sensitive, LC,MS/MS CBC CMP Thyroid evaluation - ft3, ft4, rt3 Prolactin PSA DHT DHEA
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    Newbie TRT questions

    Always test just prior to an injection - you want to capture your levels in the trough so you and your doctor can determine how well your protocol is sustaining itself over the course of the week - never “within 2-3 days of injections.” When were the results you posted obtained? SHBG is a...
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    Beginning a new TRT chapter

    Thank you for checking in. I’m glad to know that life is good.
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    What labs should I order?

    I would note that, based on the reference range, you tested your estradiol with the incorrect (standard) test that is of no value for men. All men should test e2 with the sensitive, LC, MS/MS, lab test. Please be sure your doctor selects the correct test in the days ahead. This is important.
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    Big Drop in T going from IM to Sub-Q. Why?

    I'm lean and my injections tend to be shallow IM or subQ.
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    Big Drop in T going from IM to Sub-Q. Why?

    I’ve done the same thing, as part of my daily injection protocol, for nearly five years.
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    Arimidex discontinuation update

    I invite @Shad0w to open a new thread to track his progress and solicit opinions on his efforts.
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    In NY and Going to PA to use Discounted Labs

    I drove to Erie, PA a number of times from Toronto and have also used in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago. Walk in - hand them the lab order - confirm your identity - have the blood drawn.