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  1. Vince

    Steroids leads you to low fertility?

    Yep, it's true.
  2. Vince

    Could it really be that simple, an iron deficiency the cause of all my problems...?

    Here's an interesting thread you may like to read. My experiment with IP6 (Iron chelator)
  3. Vince

    Thyroid Iodine and acne

    It should be safe with supplementing with 500 mcg of iodine daily, so I see no reason why 250 mcg would have any any negative effect on you. I supplement with kelp, which contains 325 mcg of iodine. I have hypothyroidism, I do have to use thyroid meds.
  4. Vince

    Very Strange Test Results

    Your lips aren't be too high. What level is your HCT at.
  5. Vince

    HCG Testicles Question

    Have you thought about trying a low dose clomid. You may want to try 12.5 mg every other day.
  6. Vince

    Increased Risk of Kidney Stones After TRT

    Magnesium favorably impacts calcium oxalate stone-forming risk through multiple mechanisms. Magnesium binds oxalate in the digestive tract and inhibits the formation of calcium oxalate crystals in urine (Kohri 1988; Massey 2005). And higher magnesium consumption is significantly associated with...
  7. Vince

    What happen if we take a break from gym?

    I had to take many one week breaks from the gym. I usually have to start back slowly, I believe it's more mental than physical. I have to get my head in the right place again.
  8. Vince

    Review of the Exel Low Dead-space Syringe/Needle

    Easy Touch syringes are very inexpensive. I would never reuse a syringe.
  9. Vince


    Yes it is very realistic. Exercise, lose weight and get good sleep. I would do labs in 6 months and six months after that.
  10. Vince

    How often to injection prop/cyp blend?

    I agree with everyone, I would inject mix every three and a half days.
  11. Vince

    How often to injection prop/cyp blend?

    My daily Testosterone Propionate diary Testosterone Propionate timing Propionate side effect Testosterone propionate for TRT
  12. Vince

    How often to injection prop/cyp blend?

    The half life of Cypionate is 6-7 days and Enanthate is 5-6? I've would inject both every 3.5 day with shbg of 35.
  13. Vince

    Red, hot face and mild sunburn like feeling everywhere - TRT/HCG

    Always have your labs done at trough. When you post your lab remember to post ranges. Make sure you stay on the same protocol for at least six weeks before taking labs. Which estrogen test did you have. The sensitive one LC/MS/MS for men.
  14. Vince

    Heart Attack Today: Need Studies to Show Testosterone is Safe

    Yes your doctor is right. It takes one year for soft plaque to become stable plaque. Uncontrol plaque can grow at 30% a year that's why it's important to know how much you have. You can then do the right things to keep it under control.
  15. Vince

    Cialis side effects

    I only buy my tadalafil from India pharmacies, great results. :) I did have lower back issues and heartburn. Thankfully overtime all issues have slowly going away.
  16. Vince

    Anastrozole - Stabilization

    I would stay on your protocol for 6 weeks and then take labs. It's the only way you're going to properly adjust your meds.
  17. Vince

    Is my doctor being too cautious?

    I agree with blackhawk, get a complete thyroid panel. TSH, free T4, free T3 and reverse T3. Taking synthetic T4 (levothyroxine) will lower your TSH but I doubt if it's helping your free T3. That's what you need to feel good.
  18. Vince

    Anastrozole - Stabilization

    By taking the AI 24 hours after injection both drugs are peaking which is an ideal for controlling E2
  19. Vince

    HCG and fertility

    Semen analysis results after adding FSH to TRT and hCG
  20. Vince

    Newest labs without AI for 6 weeks

    Your testosterone panel looks very good. I see no reason to make any further adjustments. Why don't you post your complete thyroid panel. It would be interesting to see it.