How to Use hCG in Men on Testosterone

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Basic Information on HCG

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) refers to glycoprotein a hormone that imitates luteinizing hormone, which is produced by pregnant women by a developing embryo immediately after conception. The role of HCG is to prevent the distraction of corpus luteum of the ovary and to retain the progesterone production which is important in pregnancy. hCG contributes to the development of an egg in the ovary and stimulates the release of the egg during ovulation. HCG is also used to cause ovulation and treat infertility in women.

If you are wondering what hCG has to do with men when it comes to preventing testicular shrinkage, this is the right article for you. hCG is used in young boys if their testicles have not dropped down in their scrotum as it is supposed to be. It is essential to know that HCG is also used to increase the testicular size if one has used anabolic steroid or testosterone for a long time. hCG has also been shown to improve sperm quantity in men on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) who typically have no sperm due to TRT’s effects on shutting down testicular function.

HCG and Testicles

When the testosterone is replaced, it triggers the shutting down of hypothalamus production of gonadotropin relasing hormone (GnRH). If gonadotropin relasing hormone is not present, releasing of LH is stopped by the pituitary gland, and without LH, the testicles are unable to produce testosterone. When the testicles shrink after a long use of testosterone, they begin to enlarge and produce testosterone immediately HCG therapy is administered. HCG boosts a man’s testes to produce testosterone and increase in size.

HCG has also proved to help in increasing the amount of testosterone in the testicles. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, when used in small doses of two or three times per week with testosterone replacement, can reverse the decrease of intratesticular testosterone. The hCG has effect as a LH imitator and has the ability to increase intratesticular testosterone and acts as one of the many reasons why men are able to preserve their fertility when using 500 IU HCG regularly and testosterone replacement. In recent studies, it is possible to preserve normal sperm quality using the above two ways without the use of FSH. You need to know that gonadotropin should not be ignored because it is important in sperm production.

HCG: How is It Made?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is extracted from pregnant women urine or made from other different genetic modifications. The product is usually available by prescription and can be found in various brand names which include Novarel, Follutein, Pregnyl, and Profasi. Some pharmacies usually make HCG by prescription in various sizes. Most HCG brand names found in regular pharmacies cost at least $140 per 10,000 IUs and the same IUs cost $75 in compounding pharmacies.

HCG: How is it Supplied?

HCG can be found in the form of a powder that is contained in vials of 11,000IUs, 3,500 IUs, 5, 000 IUs and many more. It is also a great idea to contact compounding pharmacies and request them to make vials for you in different IU amounts. The vials are also accompanied by another 1ml of bacteriostatic water to mix with the powder to turn it into a liquid.

hCG: How is it Administered?

HCG is administered as an injection under the skin or intramuscularly and many people are still debating on which method is best. The number of IUs per injection always depends on how much bacteriostatic water you add to the powder. For instance, if you add 5.5 ML to a 11,000 IU powder vial, it will mean 2,000 IUs per mL, this means that 0.25 mL will be 500 IU. Bacteriostatic water is a liquid with a preservative that accompanies the prescription. This water is mixed with the powder to dissolve or reconstitute it before an injection. If refrigerated, this water has the ability to preserve the solution for up to six weeks.

When choosing the right syringe to use, it is highly recommended to use ultra fine needle insulin syringes through which hCG is injected under the skin. This needle is very slim and small and great to use on people who have needle phobia.


It is important to know that using hCG needs one to be disciplined and remember when to take their injection. The use of hCG has proved as the best method to help a lot of men solve testicular shrinkage. When some men testes shrink, it affects them emotionally and psychologically thus having an effect on their sex life. If you want to prevent your testicles from shrinking, HCG therapy is the ideal treatment to get your normal life back.

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