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Hi Jeff

How are you? Hey, we have had some issues with the "watch" code. Can I ask you to post a new thread to see if I get an email alert? Thanks

Hi, Nelson hope all is well!

Have not forgotten about you and I appreciated the video you emailed me. I apologize as I have not replied back and it has been a while.

Just want you to know that I have been thinking about it deeply just need to decide on what to do.

Have had a lot on my mind lately so forgive me as I do not want to seem rude.

I will email you sometime soon.
Thread just posted!
Hi, saw one of your posts on Phosphatidyl Choline by Thorne. What about this Now product? Has the samew amount of Phosphatidyl Choline?

Get off Propecia immediately! Propecia has ruined many men's sexual ability for life causing mental, physical and neurological symptoms that do not resolve after quitting the drug and often persist indefinitely.

One of the side effects of Propecia or Post Finasteride Syndrome is decreased semen volume and force and many more. Propecia causes epigenetic changes to gene expression and is not reversible.
With reference to your profound anxiety, listen to this brief podcast.
Sometimes Pregnenolone and Magnesium can help, but some guys have a genetic snip/mutation that makes their TRT a lot more complicated than most guys.

If possible I'd at least consider a tele-med visit with this guy.
He's not my doc so I can't speak for him personally but he knows his stuff.
I would have to delete abe to add your gmail to vince. One email cannot be had by two users.
Nelson hello, hay I'm noticing after increasing the dosage of hydrochlorothiazide (diuretic) and while I feel better, it almost immediately cause soft erections, is there something else I can ask my doctor for that doesn't cause ED? I can't live without...

Thanks Nelson.
Your situation seems fairly complex (probably more than we can handle here at PrimeBody).
I'd urge you to contact Dr. Crisler (Michigan) or Dr. Kominiarek (Ohio).
2 of the best if not the 2 best.
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thanks a lot sean. i will be checking them for sure. again thanks so much for your time
Nelson, I didn't see how to message you privately on here so I'll use this. I ordered a sensitive estradiol test through Discount Labs early in September. I then had my blood drawn at Lab Corp on Sept 29th. Today is October 15th and I still have not received my results or an alert. I really don't want to go and get my blood drawn again. Do you know what the status of that blood test is?
I hate to see you suffer when you might have something simple that gets you thru the next 2 weeks then drop it...:)
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hey buddy, thanks for reaching out... hanging in there. suffering a lot, though. i'm doing a lot of things to try to beat this shit. i'm working with two doctors and have personal support, but internal hell i'm going through is hard to explain. still keep pushing forward.

p.s. another bjj dude here ;) oh how i would love to get back on the mats.
I just wanted to let you know that I have 100% seen marijuana temporarily help people through the severe symptoms due to medications. My son is bipolar and nothing I repeat nothing has helped him more than weed. I have never smoked a joint in my life (and still have not) and was against it until I seen it perform a miracle on my son. He still takes his normal meds as well. Rick Simpson oil may help too.
I have tried everything my friend including "Rick Simpsons Oil"! I can't even feel "Pain Killers", these days as the overwhelming intensity of Klonopin W/D Trumps everything! There is a reason we lose over 25 people a day who are withdrawing from this class of drugs!
yep, in this severe case MMJ, while often helps with anxiety, is almost useless... it has pulled me out of deep depression on occasion... but oftentimes in the depth of withdrawal, it doesn't make a dent. and can often backfire.
Sorry Nelson if this is not appropriate but I was wondering if you could share your knowledge on my post regarding HPTA restart sorry I’m a little bit lost on what to do

Regards. -Garðar
NELSON Vergel my dear Brother, i found this Information out today. Do you find it SCARY or not SCARY at all?
The PUBMed Research article here Their CONCLUSION is right at end of course. it basically states about too Regular HCG stressing out very much an Enzymatic process within Leydig cells. and making them become exhausted Leydig Cells".
For some reason I missed your private messages. I am sorry. I am glad you are back to work. What is your email address? Thanks