Unexpected Fallout of Covid-19 Crisis


Everyone is hoping a vaccine will soon be available to prevent Covid-19. But one unexpected result that may lead to problems for men on this forum is that the vaccine will require a great number of stoppered vials to hold it and this may lead to a shortage of vials for testosterone. The article on Politico says:

"Meeting the overwhelming demand for a successful coronavirus vaccine will require a historic amount of coordination by scientists, drugmakers and the government. The nation’s supply chain isn’t anywhere close to ready for such an effort. The nation is already grappling with a shortage of the specialized glass used to make the vials that will store any vaccine. Producing and distributing hundreds of millions of vaccine doses will also require huge quantities of stoppers — which are made by just a handful of companies — as well as needles and refrigeration units. Low stocks of any one of these components could slow future vaccination efforts, much as shortfalls of key chemicals delayed widespread coronavirus testing."


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I'm told the fastest time they ever made a vaccine was 4 years. Hopefully they have better technology now.


I believe that most of the time required to develop a vaccine or any other drug is the time needed for safety and efficacy testing. I hope they don't shortcut this process for the new vaccine, but already it looks like they're skipping the animal testing.


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The Navy is having continual problems with apparent re-infections. Naturally, they suspect that the original diagnostic test results were false positives, which if true, means that the tests cannot be relied on …
… or in the alternative, that the tests were accurate and that having been infected doesn’t necessarily confer immunity …
… none of which bodes well for any conjectured vaccine(s) …
… which may or may not arrive right after the long-expected SARS-CoV-1 vaccine hits the market (for which the wait is now in its 17th year, but hunker in your bunker until Bill Gates sounds the all-clear).
It’s an epidemiological mess any way you look at it.


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I read there are 16,000+volunteers to test a vaccine, it's called a challenge vaccine.

The nightmare scenario is they rush a vaccine to market, 100 of millions get the vaccine, then a year later we discover it causes some other more serious problem.

Its unlikely but possible.

This always staying in my mind.

US and European scientists have published results confirming that a gene therapy technique triggered leukaemia in two boys taking part in a trial at the Necker hospital, Paris. Their findings, which appear in Science, show that the virus used to deliver the therapeutic gene activated a cancer-causing gene



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Not so fast.

Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus

PLoS One. 2012; 7(4): e35421. Published online 2012 Apr 20.

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