The Game Changer: faux documentary

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Will Brink

Due to the influx of Qs and comments about the faux documentary The Game Changers, I have posted some comments and links to excellent reviews for those who want the facts:

This is not going to be a review of the recent faux documentary The Game Changers per se. As others (linked below) have already done an excellent job of showing what a pseudo-science mess this agenda driven film is, I have nothing else to add. What I will do is supply three reviews of the film I recommend to get the facts on this much hyped film. Those who are interested in my general position on vegan nutrition should read my article Vegan Diets: The Raw Truth.

I will say it’s quite disappointing to see just how easily manipulated people are and as HL Mencken is credited with saying:

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”

As for Arnold being involved and some how bringing credibility to it, I have met him various times over the years and we have some mutual friends. He was a great bodybuilder, all around cool guy, and iconic movie star to be sure, but he’s no nutritional scientist by any means. “But Arnold is involved!” means nadda to me as far as credibility for the information contained in that film. If one wants to get deep into the weeds on a scientific breakdown, Layne Norton does a solid job of that HERE and surprisingly, Men’s Health does a solid review HERE and just out via Christian Thibaudeau, a lengthy break down HERE. If those three, along with my article, do not convince people The Game Changers is pseudo science agenda driven nonsense, then they’re hopeless.
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