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I ask this question. what total and free testosterone levels do you feel best at? I am assuming I got ban, I cant find the group any more. if so, I have no idea why.
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I never been to the Facebook group, I can tell you what levels I feel the best at and my protocol for that.

My protocol.

16 mg of testosterone cypionate daily, 500 iu of hcg twice weekly and no AI.

Pregnenolone 10 mg and 25 mg of DHEA.

My last injection before labs, about 28 hr.s.

Testosterone, Total, LC/MS, 1035.9 High ng/dL 264.0-916.0

Testosterone, Free 33.77 High ng/dL 5.00-21.00

% Free Testosterone 3.26% 1.50-4.20

DHEA-Sulfate01 499.0 High ug/dL 30.9-295.6 age adjust

Dihydrotestosterone 56 ng/dL

Estradiol, Sensitive 18.7 pg/mL 8.0-35.0

Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum. 41.2 nmol/L 19.3-7


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