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Hi guys I'm on a current testosterone replacement there with me through my doctor but I can't get them to prescribe it to me every week I mean I can do the injection to myself but I just been going through an injection Clinic because I'm afraid to give myself the injections but when I emailed him about getting it done weekly this is what he told me


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That’s crap. They need to update the label.
What size needle are they using?
What’s the fear of needles ?
You can get 6 or 8mm needles of 30 or 31 gauge. These needles you can draw from the vial and inject without blunting the needle. You don’t even feel it.
If you get your testosterone to take home then you can do what you want with frequency.
Maybe get a 30g insulin syringe and try pushing it into belly fat to see how you go.
You will be ok doing it yourself.


Yes, if you get the testosterone from a pharmacy just inject sub-q with a 31 gauge needle. I use my shoulders and alternate. No pain and you can easily see what you are doing compared to the butt jab with those long needles!


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I'm not able to drop my family doctor I would be out on list for another doctor I'm in canada..the 31 gauge sub q .in my shoulders does that go in on an angle or right in like I.m I'm uneducated and don't feel comfortable going on YouTube
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