Anyone ever had insulin resistance but normal fasting glucose and A1c?

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Struggling to make sense of why my total testosterone is going down while my free testosterone and E2 are skyrocketing at the same dose and frequency (20-24mg daily, was also with 100iu HCG daily). My fasting glucose is usually 85. My A1C’s 5 and below. The rest of my blood work’s fine, lipid panel is enviable, etc. Ferritin was low (30s) but my last test had it at 86 or so with my iron actually a little too high now from all the iron supplementation and absorption aids, but the problem started well before I upped my iron efforts.

I’ve read low SHBG can result in holding onto the testosterone less and having your free T and E2 go up because you can’t use them as well. I low dose daily, so mega doses wouldn’t be doing that. I was taking T3 when this all started but I’ve been off that for 4-6 months now and am on my usual NDT meds that have my bloodwork always looking enviable. Only other thing I’ve read that could contribute is insulin resistance. I do tend to feel best when eating or doing things that would normally raise your insulin too much, like combining saturated fat and carbs and such.

Anyone ever had insulin resistance but otherwise great bloodwork when it comes to identifying it? Grasping at straws here.
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