Anybody Else a Thyroid Med Non-Responder?

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First off, I want to wish everybody on this forum a great Thanksgiving.

Anybody else here that doesn't respond to Thyroid meds? T3 or T4 or a combination of them?

I have persistent and slowly worsening symptoms of hypothyroidism:

Often feeling cold, I tire easily, I always have sore muscles (I don't recover well from exercise, and TRT has been ZERO help in that), weight gain, etc.

I follow an on-line macro calculator, I don't smoke, I rarely drink and when I do its a glass of wine with dinner. I am not diabetic, I don't have insulin resistance, high blood pressure or any other co-morbidity. No anxiety or depression. I do have very low SHBG raging between the upper single digits and low teens, which means that TRT doesn't really do much for me, either.

I have been with Defy for years and been checked for Hashimotos, reverse T3, etc.. (I don't have either issue)

I am currently on 75 mcg of T3 and I take it on an empty stomach and I don't eat or drink for 45 minutes afterwards and it is like I am taking a sugar pill. I feel NOTHING from it. Blood levels look fine now, but no improvement in symptoms.
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Free T3 was 3.6 and Reverse T3 was 20.4. We increased my T3 dosage after that.

Like TRT, I will generally look fine "on paper" but have no symptomatic relief whatsoever.
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I have and I likely do have some continuing adrenal issues. I find that its reasonably easy to diagnose (4-tube cortisol test, etc.) but I have not found any treatment that actual works to resolve adrenal issues. Meditation and advice like, "try to stress less" are not really tangible fixes for me.
I was just looking up a bunch of adrenal supplements on Amazon. Have you tried any of those. I tried life extensions adrenal energy and I definitely felt something from it.
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I have tried them in the past but not for the last year or so. I could never tell any difference being on them for a couple of months and when I ran out and was off them for a few weeks.

I guess I could try them again and see what happens. They are not terribly expensive
Might be a good idea to consult your Dr but this one has good reviews and contains bovine adrenal gland. Pure Encapsulations - Adrenal - Nutritional Support for Healthy Adrenal Function* - 60 Capsules Robot Check
So there is the adaptogen approach and also this approach.
Hyrdocortisone may be helpful. Start with 10mg upon waking if your doc is willing to try.

Also, check B vitamins and fat soluble vitamins and minerals - D, A, Selenium, Iron, Magnesium etc.

Stress management is crucial even though you say it isnt possible. Beginning a meditation practice could be hugely beneficial but may take time.
I think the only thing have not already tried is Hydrocortisone. I will ask about it at my next consult.
i do not know if you ever see my posts but we are very similar. Trt makes me feel worse actually. I have great thyroid numbers but my body temp is always 97.0-97.5. Same symptoms as you. And my cortisol is low normal. I’ve taken hc and it did nothing alone. On trt it made me feel even worse. Then I tried t3. I immediately felt terrible on it dizzy and anxiety. Panic attack about an hour after first pill taken. I was on a tiny dose. I think it was 15mcg.

So we are a little different because I do seem to react to meds but only poorly lol. I’m currently on nothing and I feel better then when I mess with hrt. But I still don’t feel great
RT3 should be <14-15, so you obviously have a pooling problem @ 20.4 there and that typical treatment is by adding T3 and I see you did that.

Take this up specifically with Dr Saya because it's not good or whatever you said that it was "fine".

I have been with Defy for years and been checked for Hashimotos, reverse T3, etc.. (I don't have either issue)
What's your trt protocol?

Since thyroid and test are synergistic, maybe a couple of tweaks to your protocol could help with your thyroid response.

And if your SHBG is super low as you said, even in the teens, then does Defy have you on EOD or Daily injections?
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I am on a daily protocol, but it is of no help for symptoms. It makes my T levels great on paper, though. By that mean that I have all my Low T symptoms..low energy, low libido, inability to recover from exercise, etc.