vitamin a

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  1. G

    Eye opening info on iron

    Super Human Radio by Super Human Radio on Apple Podcasts Here’s the FB version with video
  2. Gianluca Bonetti

    Vit A/beta carotene supplementation help

    if there is a Vitamin I understood I do not need to supplement with is Vit A/beta carotene, from my reading we do get plenty from diet and researches prove that unless illness or deficiency supplementing with it can be actually harmful long term so I decide I don't want that anymore....too bad...
  3. R

    Obesity robs major organs not blood of Vitamin A despite adequate intake

    A new Cornell University study published in Scientific Reports, shows that obesity interferes with the body’s ability to use vitamin A, even with adequate intake. Liver, kidneys and pancreas in obese mice were found to be deficient in spite...
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