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  1. xorton

    Undecanoate / freezing HCG - my experience and thoughts

    Hi. I'd like to share my experience and thoughts on some topics - years of being on TRT and reading about it. I find the following beliefs wrong and repeated over the years without much thought. Perhaps not here but at least on typical bodybuilding forums. 1) Freezing reconstituted HCG damages...
  2. B

    Going to give nebido another shot! Split protocol this time...

    I´m decided to try Nebido again after playing around with compounded T cream for 4 month and not enjoying it so much for a number of reasons... However this time I want to try and see if I can feel more stable emotionally and energy wise if I split the dosage weekly ( daily protocols are not...
  3. P

    What’s wrong with Nebido

    Few folks there reacted quite negatively about my protocol - Nebido 1000mg once per ~10weeks. I’m new here I want to know, understand and chose the best option for me. Some mentioned about large fluctuations, which my doctor mentioned as possible side effect comparing to differnt esters and...
  4. bochinit

    Testosterone Undecanoate

    Someone has experience with Testosterone Undecanoate ester? Wikipedia says that this ester have 21 days half life, it is true? If so, would be a better choice for TRT, right? Injecting two times per month.
  5. L

    Undecanoate split (NEBIDO/AVEED)

    Has anyone tried splitting NEBIDO shots into 3 and doing once a month? I seem to get HUGE spikes in Test, E2 and SHBG every time I get shot. Would this calm everything down a bit?
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