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  1. D

    Pharma testosterone cyp overdosed?

    hi guys thank you all for sharing your TRT experiences and knowledge its really useful to hear about everything people have experienced and learnt. Getting things dialled is one the hardest things it seems and to have such a huge evidenced based repository is invaluable. I am on prescribed TRT...
  2. D

    Please delete

    Thread deleted
  3. S

    HCG discontinued (NOT) in the UK. Now what?

    I've read this forum from time to time over the years, but this is my first time posting here. I'd value your thoughts on my little problem. I have secondary hypo and my baseline testosterone was last measured at a whopping 239 ng/dl!!! Cut a long story short, everything else is in good order...
  4. L

    Low T or Normal?

    i have alot of the symptoms of low T trouble sleeping, trouble putting on muscle, find it hard to grow facial hair, poor mood, low sex drive , memory trouble.etc. i asked my doctor for a test and he gave me one which included it. got the results back and he said i was 14.3 which is about 412...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel Speaks to Paul Burguess from the UK about Testosterone Therapy in the UK and the US

    I enjoyed this interview with Paul Burguess from the UK. His site is
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