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    TUDCA works to lower iron/liver/kidney enzymes and boost T3

    I decided to do an experiment with TUDCA. I took 250mg with 1 liter of water in the morning on an empty stomach and waited 20 to 30 mins before I ate. Here are my results. 12.11.2019 Labcorp (no TUDCA) Iron Bind. Cap (TIBC): 246 ug/dl (250-450) UIBC: 141 ug/dl (111-343) Iron: 105 ug/dl...
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    hCG induced Leydig apoptosis mitigated with TUDCA

    The authors S-J PARK et-al 2012 demonstrate a mechanism for hCG-induced endoplasmic recticulum stress leading to Leydig cell death in a mouse Leydig cell tumor line (in vitro ). "In addition, TUDCA as a chemical chaperone and ER stress inhibitor can rescue hCG-induced ER stress-mediated...
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