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    SHBG Effect on TT, FT and DHT

    Hey guys, I am going to be trying NDT in the near future to increase my low thyroid numbers and am hoping a side effect may be increased SHBG from what other members have experienced. That said my TT is 1100, FT 29 and DHT 60. Right now my SHBG sits around 16. Say it increases to 30 what kind...
  2. S

    Blood test results in need of Advice

    Recently had some blood work done I’m 23 years old In aus we don’t really have trt clinics so the docs here just say all is good. I’m looking for any advice as to why my tt is low for my age and my igf1 is really high. Also experiencing Ed sometimes and just feeing flat
  3. A

    HELP...TRT Results Changing Over Time - Would greatly appreciate some input

    I have been on TRT for over 4 years with generally good results. It does seem that I have to keep tweaking my protocol to maintain good levels of hormones and feel good. It also seems that I feel best in the first weeks that I am adapting to a change in protocol. All the following tests were...
  4. L

    How can this be???

    I feel more or less the same if I have test at 200 or 1200???
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