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    Please Help! Confusing Bloodwork and Hypothyroid symptoms

    Please help me understand my blood work and symptoms I’ve been struggling for the longest time with fatigue, stubborn weight, and feeling extremely cold + sluggish, constipated and having ED. I’ve been taking my oral temperature on waking and throughout the day. Waking temp ranges from 92-96...
  2. M


    All NP Thyroid seems to be doing is spiking my T3 and doing nothing for my TSH as evidenced on my latest thyroid function labs. Even worse, my TSH INCREASED despite taking my morning dose 4h prior to my lab draw. I do not have Hashimoto’s after having test TPO and TgAb several times over the...
  3. T

    Question on Latest Thyroid Labs

    My TSH has been elevated for years, and even though I have several classic low thyroid symptoms — sluggish in mornings, intermittent brain fog, the early afternoon crash — I've avoided going on thyroid meds because my free T3 is always right in the middle of the range. For my latest set of...
  4. W

    Iodine and Thyroid

    This happened years ago and again in the last couple of weeks, so may be helpful for some. Various times in my life I have had depression and even after getting hormones tuned up there has been some nagging mild depression that creeps up. My T4 and T3 levels look good, but my TSH has sometimes...
  5. W

    Who understands TSH? Bloods need an experienced look.

    Hi All, Got bloods back today. Test numbers look great but libido has left the station a few weeks ago. Looks like TSH is high. Doc started me on 50mcg Synthroid generic. Do you think the TSH could be the culprit?
  6. B

    Looking for Dr. Westin Childs reviews.

    Hello everyone, is anyone currently being treated by Dr. Childs or has been treated by him. If so, could you share your story. If any of y'all know of another great open minded doctor who can help me with my thyroid please comment. I would prefer a doctor in Houston, TX but i'll take any...
  7. S

    TSH Sensitive

    I have been feeling really crappy lately. About two months now No energy-moody etc... My PCM ordered a Sensitive TSH with CBC. Are there two different TSH test as there are for Estrogen in men? MY TSH has consistent been around 2.7-3.2 over the last several years and now it's at 1.5. Anyway...
  8. S

    Prolactin climbing, TSH periodically elevated

    Before starting TRT, my TSH was going something like 1>1.5>2.5 and then on TRT 3.25, and now back to 2.2. Waiting for my consult with Dr Saya next week to discuss in more detail. Alongside it, my prolactin has been climbing. It normally sits around 20-30, but lately has gone into the 30s and...
  9. S

    Endocrinologist in New York ?

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend an Endocrinologist in the New York City area. Specifically to treat thyroid issues. Thank you
  10. H

    In Europe, Thyroid Question

    Hi , I am quite happy with my Trt regimen but I still feel tired . I did an analysis of thyroid hormones and I would be grateful for some advice . TSH 3° gen. uUI/ml - 4.9* [ 0,27 - 4,70 ] Cortisolo ng/ml - 64,6 Morning: 52,7 - 224,5 Afternoon: 34,4 - 167,6 FT4 pmoli/l - 10,94 [ 9,0 -...
  11. C

    Input from Thyroid experts

    I have been on TRT almost 6 years(now almost 1 year with Defy) now and my current TRT protocol is 40mg Test 3x week(Monday,Wednesday, Friday), 250 IU HCG 3x week(Monday, Wednesday, Friday), and .125 Anastrozole (Monday and Friday). They also currently have me prescribed 15 mcg of T3(Cytomel)...
  12. T

    TSH Labs / Hypothyroidism

    Can some please take a look at my TSH lab by Quest, and tell me if this is ok? I can see that it looks to be in range, but I’ve read in various places that it’s high. Thank you in advance.
  13. J

    Issue with testosterone treatment?

    I recently had to take a break in treatment for 5 maybe 6 weeks due to my Endo switching clinics. Before she would prescribe my meds she wanted to run more blood work. These results showed my total and free levels normal but my FSH and TSH w/reflex to t4 was high. So she wants me to stop...
  14. S

    New on TRT - Second lab results - doc switching me to nebido - double dosing?

    Hey all, I'm 36 yo and wasn't experiencing a lot of other typical low T symptoms, but my libido had totally disappeared, so I got checked out at an anti aging clinic (I live in Belgium so that seems to be the only place around here anyone will take low T seriously) and tested at 296ng/dl. I...
  15. S

    TSH Up

    My TSH has moved up 1.0% from 2.1 to 3.1 in a 12 month period. New blood work done. Outside of TSH is there anything that stands out? Gained 10 lbs and haven't changed diet any. Thanks
  16. C

    3 month TRT labs!! Questions about TRT and heart issues.

    Hello everyone. I'm 41 and started TRT with Defy (Thanks Dr. Saya!) 11/7/2016. Here is the protocol: 70 mg Testosterone Cypionate (every 3.5 days) 350 IU HCG (every 3.5 days) 25 mg DHEA (2x day) I have been feeling better with the TRT, especially the last month. Unfortunately, I just spent 4...
  17. A

    Supplementing T3 and drastic bowel movement changes

    I started supplementing 25mcg T3 cytomel to my every day, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results so far. I am warmer everyday, but my bowels have changed a lot. I go less frequently and when I do it isn't explosive and semi-watery/flaky, but solid and the consistent of healthy stool. I...
  18. Nelson Vergel

    Dr Lynese Lawson: Beyond Testosterone Lecture

    PART 1 Nelson: Hello everybody, Nelson Vergel here with ExcelMale.com. I'm very happy to have Dr. Lawson from the Washington DC area. She's a long term friend of Excel Male and the work we do with men's health and testosterone replacement therapy, among other things. Dr. Lawson is the founder...
  19. Nelson Vergel

    Beyond Testosterone: Interview with Dr Lynese Lawson

    Dr Lawson speaks about factors that can get in the way of effectiveness of testosterone replacement like thyroid dysfunction, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and exposure to toxins.Dr. Lawson is the founder and medical director of Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC (PWC) of Vienna...
  20. Nelson Vergel

    Hypothyroidism: Facts, Interactions and Resources

    Source: Guidelines | American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Thanks to Orrin Israel for gathering these thyroid information resources: Basic sources to research Thyroid issues and testing: ****************************************** https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/ Spend time here...
  21. Nelson Vergel

    Monitoring Your Blood Tests While on Testosterone

    Before undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), it's vital to obtain a number of blood tests. The main blood tests to measure are: total and free testosterone, hematocrit, PSA, estradiol, HDL cholesterol, and others. Pre-treatment testing provides doctors with baseline values to...
  22. Nelson Vergel

    Effect of metformin on thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroid volume in patients with prediabetes

    Effect of metformin on thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroid volume in patients with prediabetes: A randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial. Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. Nov2014, Vol. 19 Issue 11, p1019-1026. 8p. Abstract: Background: The people with prediabetes have...
  23. Nelson Vergel

    The TSH Reference Range Wars: What's "Normal?", Who is Wrong, Who is Right...

    There is ongoing controversy about whether reliance on the TSH test -- to the exclusion of clinical symptoms and other tests such as Free T4, Free T3, and antibodies tests -- is medically sound. That is a controversy that is unlikely to be decided for years. The situation today, however, is that...
  24. Nelson Vergel

    Thyroid Tests and What They Mean

    From Auburn University. THYROID FUNCTION TESTS Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH): The thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) assay measures the concentration of thyroid stimulating hormone in the serum. TSH assays have been classified by "generation" based on the functional sensitivity of the...
  25. Nelson Vergel

    Armour Dose Titration

    I want to hear what Chris and others have to say about this write up from Innovative Medicine Clinic (http://innovativemedicine.org/thyroid/ ) " I prefer to prescribe either desiccated thyroid (a natural form of T3 and T4) and or long acting T3. I often allow patients the latitude to slowly...
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