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  1. M

    Male 55 starting

    Hello I am a 55-year-old male, 186 cm(6.1) currently 92 kg (203 pounds). My testicles have always been small. At my late 40s, it was discovered that I was born with only one kidney. But that never affected me in any way. I have no health issues whatsoever. Not even fatigue, but I was never...
  2. A

    Are you worried about being dependent on TRT during the upcoming trying times?

    Recession is coming, as well a shortages. How worried are you about getting being on TRT during these times and potentially losing access?
  3. C

    High SHBG - any way to lower?

    I recently was able to view lab results from 2018 to present day. Every time I have had lab work done (hormone panel) my SHBG is always higher than it should be. The higher than normal value presented even before I tried self prescribed TRT. 2018 (prior to testosterone) - Testosterone 26.9...
  4. M

    HCG Insomnia

    I get extreme insomnia from HCG. I've tried adding it 3 different times over the past 16 months while on TRT, 750iux2/wk , 250iux2/wk , and most recently a single 50iu injection. All sub q. Each time, whether it was a 375iu injection or 50iu injection, I get extreme insomnia. To the point where...
  5. L

    Blood work - Do I need TRT/Whats next?

    For the few years I have had low libido generally, bad erection quality and almost never waking up with a boner. I have also noticed reduced/slowed facial hair growth and increased balding. Although I will say that I don't often get a full 8 hours of sleep and I do not exercise much (if at all)...
  6. R

    First responder, poor sleep for years, can’t find answers.

    Hello everyone, new guy to the forum here. Painfully long story short(er). 49, 220, no medications or diagnosed health issues. First child born with some major health issues so I’ve been dealing with that stress for 16 years. I am now 35 lbs overweight and working on that (CICO, higher...
  7. K

    Toremifene Citrate

    I m in the process of restarting after TRT , but Clomid is a non-starter for me and Nolvadex also gave me libido issues . I want to choose Toremifene Citrate as the SERM post HCG but my doctor says it may not be available in pharmacies . Does anybody know if that is true ? Is there a pharmacy...
  8. K

    D-chiro-inositol raises testosterone significantly

    This study confirms that D-chiro-inositol raises Testosterone significantly and lowers E2 and Estrone : Why is this not talked about anywhere ? Is there something wrong with the study ? Am I missing something ?
  9. H

    TRT & HGH - Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Risks

    I'm the wrong side of 40 now, and picked up some non-trivial injuries which are taking months to fully heal. I've got hold of some HGH, which I was planning to use for a couple of months at 3IU/day for a couple of months to speed the injury healing. I've been on TRT for around a decade now...
  10. O

    High Blood Pressure on TRT

    I started TRT several months back. Started 100mg once a week but after first follow up went to 120mg split into twice weekly doses. Everything has been great, with all my hypogonadal symptoms eliminated. But now I have elevated BP. For the first 10 weeks it was hovering at 140/100. (I’ve...
  11. I

    Start TRT with clinic or doctor? Suggestions!

    Hello All, Need your advice. I have low testo: 250 first test. LH and FSH are high , PSA, Thyroid, and prolactin are fine. Int the last 3-4 years I went from 15% body fat to 25% body fat developing NAFLD and despite trying dieting and come back to the gym I feel low energy and not able to be...
  12. R

    TRT Since 2013 - Feeling Worse Than Ever

    Hey guys, I'll be brief, just looking for some feedback. Been on TRT since 2013 due to a testicular injury suffered in the gym. T never recovered past 300 total after surgery, so here I am. First doc was the urologist, 200mg IM every 2 weeks. Felt amazing for like 3 months and then the...
  13. I

    Suggestion based on blood work : TRT or not?

    Hello Everyone, I am a newbie and need your experience and opinion. I am 38 years old male, I have been struggling with weight loss and motivation to go to the gym in the past 2 years. I feel energetic only from 8 am to 11 am (where I try to do most of my work done) and then the rest of the day...
  14. D

    Pharma testosterone cyp overdosed?

    hi guys thank you all for sharing your TRT experiences and knowledge its really useful to hear about everything people have experienced and learnt. Getting things dialled is one the hardest things it seems and to have such a huge evidenced based repository is invaluable. I am on prescribed TRT...
  15. C

    Anxiety and TRT

    Hello, I have posted on here before about my start of TRT. In June of 2022 I developed pretty severe anxiety out of the blue. My background I never really had any anxiety my entire life. Maybe here and there with like big things that happen. I tested low testosterone right after getting...
  16. C

    Looking for some advice...

    Hello, Looking for any feedback or advice if anybody has any for my specific situation. I am a 5-year testicular cancer survivor. I have one testicle left which has a pretty good size varicocele. My first testosterone measurement back in 2016 was around 238. My highest measurement during that...
  17. K

    Any guys on TRT long term and how is it? Newbie androgel but haven’t began

    I was wondering if some guys who have been on TRT a long time can chime in. I’m 42 and working hard to keep my testosterone up. Lost one testicle and had chemo so it isn’t easy but I’m tired lots. I finally got it back up to 450 but I’m still tired. Anyway, I was just wondering because I read...
  18. R

    Supplement usage while on TRT & CJC / Ipa

    Just starting TRT & CJC / Ipa... I'm continuing use of MK-677. Can I also continue use of LGD-4033 and S23 or should I taper off for awhile?
  19. Fernando Almaguer

    Adding in 60 mgs nandrolone a week

    Hello gentlemen (ladies if any), So I am on 20 mgs test eod and 500 ius hcg twice weekly. I am getting some deca from Dr. Lipshultz clinic. Any precautions I should take before getting into this, how long should i do this. It should help joints and help me add a little mass. Thinking of...
  20. H

    What would you do? Further dial in injection or switch to cream?

    Here are my labs on 8 weeks of 100 mg a week split into two injections (we’ll split the injects 5 weeks ago. I thought my levels would be low. They don’t look bad? New Dr wants me to try cream? Old Dr wants me to stay the course with injections. Not feeling good lower sex drive erections aren’t...
  21. B

    Seeking advice TRT Vs. Clomid

    Seeking advice. I am 37 years old. I've been on this journey for 5-6 years after significant chronic fatigue and anxiety symptoms sought to me start doing the thorough medical work up my family doctor refused to do. Prior to any intervention my Total T levels were usually between 390-530 and...
  22. G

    Cannot get dialed in

    Hi all, I’m getting pretty down lately and thinking about throwing in the towel on TRT. Background: My PCP prescribed 200mg test-c per week in August, and said “I’ll see you in 14 weeks”. Well, week 9 I started to feel a lot of side effects. Could not orgasm, gained 25 lbs, high blood pressure...
  23. S

    HCG for fertility

    Started my TRT journey a little less than 3 months ago with 160mg Test C per week. Since beginning the protocol, I've decided that fertility is important to me, but live in a state where HCG cannot be shipped by my telehormones provider. I've used alternate methods to obtain a supply of HCG...
  24. A

    Doctor lab vs Trt clinic 218 vs 760

    Hello, I recently went to one of the highest rates Test therapy centers in Temecula, CA in hopes to check my levels and if low start treatment. The place was awesome and the results from the blood work came back at 218 total testosterone! With how I feel and my lifestyle I didnt think I could...
  25. J

    TRT and penile blood flow

    So when I take my shot of Test Cyp. (100mg/once per week) after a few hours or so, it's like my penis just deflates. Like the blood was sucked out of it. Around day 5 through 7 things seem to go back to normal, until I take my next shot. Anybody else ever noticed this? Also almost impossible to...
  26. C

    Sleep question

    I started TRT (.4ml or 80MG per week) on 09/07/2022 and approximately 10 days after starting TRT my sleep was amazing for a few days (back to normal) and then dropped off after a few days. Prior to TRT my sleep was fragmented and I had been waking up like every hour. I had a long stint before...
  27. R

    Insomnia after PCT, doc recommends Gonadorelin

    Hey was wondering if anyone had experience with this. Was on TRT for 18 months, started to mess with trt and ai doses and got horrible insomnia and anxiety. Used PCT and adaptogens and it went away but after I stopped insomnia and hot flashes came back and Id wake up 2-3 times a night, or...
  28. D

    Starting TRT, need advice on high E2 (?) beforehand and labs overall.

    38M, starting TRT in a week but need some advice. New to this forum but hope I can get and give some insight in the years to come with my journey. I have no clue to why my E2 is on the higher side from the ref range, doc had none either and said it is completely normal and maybe it is? Could...
  29. H

    33 year old been struggling to get dialed in for 6 years looking for help

    Good evening, My name is Robbie. I have been struggling for years to get dialed in on TRT. I started way back in 2017 self administering 250 mg a week in one injection via black market. I did this because the local clinics at the time would not help me despite very low total T numbers. Still...
  30. T

    Low dose nandrolone and water retention.

    Looking at starting a low dose nandrolone/test combo mainly for joint issues. The provider I spoke with today suggested 100mg test and 60mg nandrolone split into two injections per week starting out. I’m currently like 150mg test, but have some slight water retention even with keeping diet...
  31. C

    More questions about anxiety

    My last shot was 10/26/2022. I get a shot once a week and this is week 2 completed on my new dose of .5ml / 100mg. I was on 80mg for 5 weeks before this. Nothing else. My Nurse Practitioner advised to go up. I will have my first blood test being on TRT. My question isn't about my dose...
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