trt e2 estrogen management

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    Stubborn Chest Fat! (despite low overall fat)

    I have had unusually high chest fat since I was in my 20's! It has been quite embarrassing most of my life, I'm in my 50's now. My father also had it. My TRT doc says it's not gyno, just fat. My body fat is overall very low, about 11 percent. I can see my abs a bit, yet the chest fat is still...
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    HCG dosage question

    I am considering using HCG, but have found conflicting data on the dosages. Can anyone help? Thanks Steve
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    How can I manage E2- estradiol without the sensitive lab test?

    I live in a part of the world where mass spectrometer testing of blood samples is very rare, only in the top research labs. All my TRT has been based for years on the only test available here- immunoassay. I have recently read in the stickies here is not a reliable test for men. My doctors had...
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