trt and dhea

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    Effects of a random one off mega shot during trt?

    hey guys, what would be the benefits or not, of a mega shot in the middle of your regular trt regimen. let's say currently I'm injecting 64 mg every 4 days. What if for one shot on my next shot I inject something like 200mg. And then proceed with my normal 64 mg the next 4 days. Will I get a...
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    Red rash:bag under eye

    Guys and gals. Right under neath my eyes on top of my check bones are inflamed areas with a reddish tint. They look a little swollen. I’ve never had this issue. I recently started dhea and cialis. I am only taking cialis 20mg as needed and used it twice. One thursday and another yesterday...
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    To Wait or Not to Wait - Adding DHEA and hCG to TRT

    In my second month of TRT, started with compounded 20% cream and now on test cyp injections, 100mg, twice a week. Should I wait until I have follow up bloodwork and have fine tuned the dose of test cyp before I add DHEA and hCG into the mix? I've been tracking DHEA for the last five years...