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  1. X

    Numbness after subq injection?

    Hello, Im on TRT since 2021. TRT subq enanthate. I am injecting to my belly fat. Today I experienced something worrying - right after I injected enanthate I felt immidiate numbness in my right leg from foot to pelvis and little dizzines. It all passed after a minute but... anyone experienced...
  2. M

    All I’ve learned in 4 years of TRT

    50YO male - Been on TRT since October 2018 when I got tested twice and testosterone was under 150 with depressive lethargic symptoms. I inject 0.2 ML or 40 mgs of testosterone cypionate twice a week and have a trough total testosterone level of 600. Very stable and feel great. Here are the...
  3. E

    MY TRT STARTED! i would be very greatfull to get opinions and support :)

    Hi lads, i read some threads here and i hope i post this in the right place if not pls correct me , im very new and would like to learn more from u . first of all english is not my first language so i hope its not pain to read through this long post. im 33y old , weigh around 100kg height...
  4. J

    Lab results 5 weeks after stopping TRT

    Hi everyone, I was on TRT for 8 months and got off about 6 weeks ago but I had my labs drawn a week ago. I wanted to share them and get some insight. I am actually almost back to my baseline already with no PCT. Not that my levels are anything great. I’ll attach pictures. I have noticed my fsh...
  5. andrewBwinter

    Is TRT being co'oped for easy gains?

    Wasn't sure where to post this but I am seeing more and more young, healthy individuals promoting TRT in the fitness/influencer industry. It's almost as if it is seen as a quick route to gaining muscle in the gym as opposed to raising T back to healthy levels for a more stable physical and...
  6. andrewBwinter

    6 Months on TRT, Observations

    Morning. So six months in to this adventure and beyond the numbers associated with blood panels, I wanted to share some things related to chasing the subjective notion of "feeling better". Strength gains in the gym are massive and the knock-on effect is greater confidence in my performance and...
  7. J

    Going on Vacation

    Going on vacation for a week and will have to miss an injection (I normally do 50mg Monday and 50mg Thursday of Test Cyp). Since I'll be missing one (or maybe even two of the shots) while I'm gone, does it makes sense to maybe take the whole 100mg in one shot for that particular week while I'm...
  8. L

    TRT & Long term Health risks

    Hi All, I am 57 & been on TRT for about (12yrs) I get blood tests every 6 months and have been good on my dose (0.30ML 2x per week). My numbers (hematocrit, estrogen, prostate, etc...) are all fine and I feel well. 1. Will continuing to take TRT cause any problems down the road such as (heart...
  9. J

    Concerned with My 6mo Check-up: PA vs Dr.

    I'm at month 18 on TRT (T-Cyp with no add-ons) and everything is going well @ 50mg every 3.5 days. My PSA was .5 before I began and it increased and has held at 1.1 after beginning TRT. My Urologist at Univ MD has not been concerned about the PSA and straight up said from day one that he...
  10. J

    Did ZMA Kill my MW?

    Been on TRT since becoming a member here. Before TRT, MW only occurred if I slept in. Also, I was lacking energy and libido but then TRT changed all that. At 100mg Cypionate (split into two doses), MW is 7 days a week ... a few times a week I actually wake up at 2:30 - 3:30 am with MW...
  11. J

    45 Considering TRT: PCa History & Rate My Labs - Feedback Pls

    I'm 45, feel fine, but definitely lower libido impacting my relationship of 4 years, not retaining muscle as much, belly fat harder to get rid of, a bit increased anxiety, so symptoms of "lower" T, but my labs are "normal", EXCEPT my E2 is too low for me. Optimal E2 is around 25-30 for me...
  12. J

    45 & Considering TRT: PCa Fam History: Rate My Labs

    Like the title says, I'm 45 and considering a lower dose TRT to start out. My father has PCa, removed his prostate, and lost functionality, so he's impotent and has been for 10 years, but he's alive. He's 80. I'm 45 and in great health; workout, cardio, etc. Here's my labs over the last few...
  13. N

    Went off TRT cold turkey today!

    Due to my financial situation there is no way I could continue it,going through a divorce. i’ve been on TRT now for probably two years. Is there gonna be some kind of side effects coming off so quick?
  14. T

    Advice on TRT Dosing and managing some side effects

    Hi - I am looking for advice to help dial-in TRT medications as well as a couple of current side effects. By way of background I am 61 yo active white male diagnosed with low T when I was 53. Classic presentation during late ages 45-53 despite active lifestyle (weight training 3-4 week; spin...
  15. C

    Are high total T levels dangerous?

    Protocol: 25 mg cypionate every 3.5 days 500 iu hcg 2x a week .25 Anastrozole 3x a week Ive been on trt 6 years. On this very small amount of testosterone I've had total T labs ranging from 957-2200 ng/dl. Most of the time my total T is off the chart while my free T hangs out in the mid to...
  16. W

    HCG soon to become unavailable by March 2020? What to do?

    Compounded HCG may soon become unavailable through U.S. compounding pharmacies due to federal restrictions as early as March 2020. Are there alternatives to using HCG for testicular function, LH/FSH ? Or is HCG just not that important within a TRT maintenance protocol?
  17. C

    Trt and high BP/Hematocrit

    Hey everyone, have a few questions and hopefully I can get some feedback. I’m a 34yr old male on Trt 100mg/week cyp. For the last 4 years. I currently have been fighting high blood pressure 142/92 and hematocrit was at an 18.2 so I just donated blood to bring my levels down. Blood pressure is...
  18. Loki

    Wife's Testosterone Dose

    My wife uses a compounded cream as well. Today I was curious the dose and I just looked at it. The strength is 1MG per gram and she applies a gram every day. Is it just me or does this seem extremely low? Like to the point of not even being anything after absorption issues ? Nelson what are...
  19. C

    Deca (nandrolone) added to trt and wow!!

    I recently had my TRT Dr approve a 10 week cycle of Deca to my 200 MG per week TRT. Took about 6 weeks to kick in but I feel really good. Sex drive off the hook and getting very strong and muscular. I do in the same Syringe 45mg T/35mg Deca e3d and take .25mg of Anastrozole 24 hrs after...
  20. M

    I’m SO glad I’ve gotten on TRT. The gym is a different game.

    Long story short, I’ve only been on for 6 weeks and feel great mentally. Pre-TRT I didn’t workout for 6 months due to depression and no motivation. I’ve never gone that long without working out. I’m naturally skinny, but turned into a skinny fat over that period. I started TRT on December 12...
  21. J

    Did I rush into TRT

    I’m 37, 6ft tall and 200 lbs. I’ve had a lot of low t symptoms since I’ve at least been 30. No energy after work, weak erections, no morning wood, anxiety, hardly any muscle tone, moody, no motivation etc. Up until July, I weighed 225. I started the keto diet, and lost 25 lbs in a little over a...
  22. J

    Dr. Punjabi (Austin, TX)

    After getting the runaround from other doctors/medical centers in Austin (no names mentioned, but rhymes with prick), I finally found a knowledgeable, straightforward doctor who was willing to work with me on my treatment. Dr. Punjabi also recommended reading/research (greatly...
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