1. T

    Looking for Ways to increase testogel absorption

    So I'm currently on TRT to help with my low T, however I have gone private here in the UK as my doctor said it would take roughly a year to get me in with a endocrinologist. The treatment I am on at the moment is 70mg T (one testogel sachet + 1pump) This is becoming quite expensive so I was...
  2. M

    Anyone ever try transdermal metformin?

    As an alternative to oral metformin; bypasses the gut and all the associated side effects. There are several compounding pharmacies that offer TD metformin.
  3. A

    Topi-Click Administration

    For those using the Topi-Click dispensers, mainly for scrotal cream application, do you rub the applicator directly into the scrotum until the cream is absorbed, or do you remove the cream with your hand and massage it into the skin?
  4. G

    DMSO to increase absorption

    Anyone use DMSO along with their testosterone cream/ gel to increase absorption, or know anything about DMSO? Interested in possibly using it.
  5. R

    Transdermal vs injection... Quick question.

    I was re-reading TOT bible and as its discussing T therapy it mentions that Dr. Rob Kaminarek is using a therapy of Transdermal T in a lipiderm base along with Tesamorelin to treat patients with High body fat. I'm a big guy. I've lost quite a bit but im still working toward my optimal weight...
  6. keithc2485

    what is the amount of time needed to fully get all ur gel into the skin b4 showering? and PM apply ?

    :cool::confused::oQuestion about time for androgel 1% to set in..... is 5 hours enough time to leave on? then moisturize 1 hour after applying.. then shower at 5 hours? or should it be left on longer if possible ? with summer coming, its going to be hard during the day to have it on and go to...
  7. S

    Ageforce - supplement patches

    Anyone used products by this company I searched the forum and couldn't find any posts. Lots of supplements offered, all delivered via transdermal patches. Wonder if they work?
  8. A

    Moisturizers and Transdermals

    If applying moisturizer 1 hour after using a transdermal helps the uptake by almost 18 percent, but applying soap and water to the skin basically erases it...what moisturizers have you guys found useful? Since a lot of moisturizers have the very ingredients most soaps have, so any ingredients...
  9. P

    Two questions about applying transdermal testosterone

    I have two questions about using testosterone gel, according to the recommendations provided by Dr. Crisler in his video ( on transdermal testosterone. I’m about a week and a half in (nothing to report yet), and I want...
  10. P

    Poll: How many are using injectable vs. transdermal TRT?

    I'm finally about to start TRT (and boy, am I ready), and I've done a fair amount of research on the pros and cons of injectable vs. transdermal TRT. So, I'm currently thinking I will start with a gel and then switch to injectables if, after sufficient time and tweaking, I don't feel optimized...