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  1. D

    Starting TRT - Tips , Advice , Experience

    Hey guys, I’ve been on and off this thread for quite a while now. I’ve been suffering low-T symptoms for a few years. Finally decided to take the dive and start TRT. I’m going to use this thread as an update to keep track of my experience, to seek advice and help anyone see a timeline of what...
  2. goldenleft

    Blood Labs after 8 weeks on TRT

    Hello, reading others posts here I noticed that some experience users advice to novice like me to did blood test after 5 - 6 weeks on TRT once their hormones are balanced. This is my 5th week, I'm feeling good, so far... only using testosterone E3.5D, as per your advice in my first post, I'm not...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Video: How to Track TRT Effects Using the TRT Analyzer App

    I hope you download the App on or on the Apple App store or Google Play.
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