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  1. G

    Total T increased on nandrolone?

    Just wondering if anyone has added nandrolone to their protocol and seen their total T go up a considerable amount
  2. B

    I think neglected Total Testosterone focusing too much on free T...

    I think I might have found out why I wasn't feeling so good on TRT all these past years... I wasn't optimizing my Total T.. I was focusing too much on my free T which was always in the top 90% or higher of the free range which is great but my Total T was in the bottom Labcorp range (mid...
  3. Z

    Wildly fluctuating T levels, what to believe and do I need TRT?

    As the title says, I've had 4 testosterone tests since August: 372 - 8am, fasting (traditional Dr's office lab) range is: 280-800 282 - 9am, not fasting (TRT clinic) range is: 201-993 220 - 9am, not fasting (TRT clinic) range is: 201-993 542 - 7am, fasting (different Dr's office lab from first...
  4. DragonBits

    Is there a linear relation between muscle growth and testosterone?

    I have had total T levels of 500, 1000 and 1500 at different times on TRT. My free T has ranged over a similar range. I have never seen it discussed, but do you get more muscle growth with each level of higher total T assuming of that if you double total T you also double free T. Double is...
  5. A

    Initial levels correlate to target TT?

    Gents, A while ago, when first researching my low T problem, I stumbled upon a blog entry from a clinic local to me that has alway stuck in my mind. In the wonderful world of n=1 this rule, as it transpires, does actually apply to me. I’m running 30mg per day that puts me at the upper end of TT...
  6. Z

    Question on labs

    So I got my lab results today Free T-17.7 TT-797 E2-35 (roche test) SHGB 36.1 PSA-.9 I have been having some libido issues along with a little bit of mood issues. 3 weeks ago I was great. Now, kind of in the middle. Having difficulty getting erections and maintaining. Sex drive is pretty low...
  7. T

    Highest numbers of total T and still be with in healthy range.

    What to you guys think is within healthy range. Would it be healthy to be having total T at 2000 or even 2500. If one feels better in that range.
  8. R

    Total Testosterone #s based on study and muscle growth question?

    Hi everyone, This is my first time posting but I've been poking around for a few months--I'm about to have my first consult with Defy medical and so I've been trying to educate myself on what is obviously a large decision with lifetime implications (hopefully mostly good!) Anyhow, I'm sure...
  9. W

    Lab measurement unit wrong? FT/TT = 0.14%* possible?

    My total testosterone is 886 ng/dl (900 is the top of the ref range), shbg = 67.67 nmol/l ( 18,30-54,10), albumin = 5.3 g/dL; I also tested my free testosterone and the lab result was 12.0 ng/l (8,30-40,10). If I convert it to ng/dl, that will be 1.2 ng/dl. This means that my FT/TT = 0.14%...
  10. M

    Men who switch from IM testosterone to subcutaneous injections: Any improvements?

    For those of you who switched to sub q, what has been the impact to your Total T, Free T, Estradiol and DHT ? Thanks !!!
  11. Excel Male

    Benefits of Treating Hypogonadism (Testosterone Deficiency)

    Information provided by Gene Devine What are the Benefits of Treating Hypogonadism? Sexual dysfunction and low libido are among the most easily reversible symptoms of hypogonadism. Systematic reviews of randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials of testosterone in men, including older men...
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