topical testosterone

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    Switch from injectable to topical

    I wanted to get some feedback from guys that have switched from injectable to topical. I’ve struggled for years with injectable and felt the best in the beginning with Androgel 1.62. I’ve recently started back on Androgel and not feeling super as of yet but I’m slowly upping the dose. I’m...
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    Topical testosterone

    Seems as of lately more men are claiming to be happier on topical formulation or incorporating it into their injectable regimen. Perhaps Dr Crisler was right all along in stating topical modalities are superior to injectables. My first 1.5 years was on gels including Androgel 1.62 and Axiron. I...
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    Switch from topical to injections

    I am switching from a topical to injections because of some cross contamination issues with my wife we recently discovered. I have always used a topical for several years now and have had great results with it but its time to switch. I will be using a compounded prop/cyp blend that I believe is...
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