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    Timing bloodwork with ED injections?

    Hey all. I have been taking 15mg Test E per day, and ~150iU of HCG Monday and Thursday (this is as frequent as I can inject without experience a ton of high E2 sides like acne, water retention, etc.). The HCG has helped with penile sensitivity, but my libido and erections are still not where I...
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    Timing of injection and labs

    First off, thank you all for making this place such a great place for information. Long time reader here but first time posting. Right to business....43 yr old male here, been taking TRT and thyroid replacement therapy for 10 yrs. Moved to Houston from North Carolina 4 yrs ago and my doctor...
  3. V

    Peak & trough timing on daily subq injections?

    I'm on daily subcutaneous testosterone cypionate injections and my doctor always has me do my labs in a 4-5 hour window post injection. I know T levels are pretty stable on daily injections but does anyone know the timing of the peak and trough for daily subq cypionate injections? I just want...
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    Time of day to do the blood work when on trt

    Hi. Does the time of day when you do the blood work matters at all when you're on TRT? I am injecting e3d somewhere around 8 p.m, so to see me at my worst i should do the blood work somewhere around that hour which is pretty late. So, the question is, can i do the blood work of testosterone...
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    Arimidex Dose and Timing

    Got my blood work back and wanted some input. Currently on Test C 100 mg/ml a week taken every third day with 250 iu HCG. I have been taking Arimidex .5 mg EOD. Got my blood work back. Timing as follows: Tuesday Took​ 50ml Test C 250 iu HCG .5 Adex Thursday .5 Adex 5 am Blood draw...
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    Optimal time of day for hCG or Testosterone injections?

    Hello! I could not find the answer, so sorry if this has been answered already buried in another post! BACKGROUND: I am on the following schedule for months now and have pretty stable levels - better than when I started T shots once every 10 days (with T alone), then every 7 days, then...
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