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  1. W

    Body adjusting to dosing changes.

    Lets say my dose has increased on the injection and I can tell right away that my e2 is feeling a little high and not feeling that great. If I stuck with this increased dose for let’s say 6 weeks, could my body get used to this increased e2 to where it becomes normal for me and the negative...
  2. V

    Anastrozole timing of doses and labs

    Is there a standard dosing protocol for anastrozole? I've seen ED, EOD, twice a week, once a week and even once every two weeks. How long does anastrozole stay in your system? Is there a point at which your E2 troughs relative to when you take a dose? Is there a certain time relative to dosing...
  3. R

    The LabCorp Experience: Then and Now

    Or, LabCorp: You think it was fun last time? Wait until you see what we have in store for you today! Or. So you miss the Greatest Show on Earth, the now defunct Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey? No fear LabCorp now operates a Circus in nearly every town available daily and replete with...
  4. KeyserSöze

    Anyone prep their Meds?

    I like to get out of the house quickly in the am and routinely stage all of my stuff (clothes, protein shakes, gym bag, etc) for work the night before. I am curious if anyone: 1. Takes the time to draw their Testosterone into the syringe the night before? 2. Cuts their entire bottle(s) worth of...
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