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  1. K

    How does Thyroid hormone effect Estrogen and Aromatase?

    I have searched for the answer endlessly and only got conflicting reports . Does Thyroid hormone ( T4,t3) reduce Estrogen or raise it ? What is their effects on the aromatase enzyme ? Thank you . All seems very confusing and I think the TRT/testosterone community could benefit from the correct...
  2. M

    Thyroid or T - Problems?

    Hi, not sure where to go. Symptoms: low energy, fatigue are my biggest. followed by no libido, cold hand & feets + brainfog. labs show following: TSH - 0.79 ( Ref 0.3 - 3.18) fT3 - 4.65 (Ref 4.09 - 6.65) fT4 - 16.8 ( Ref 13.1 - 21.3) Testosteron 3.86 ( Ref 2.49 - 8.36 ) SHBG 23.5...
  3. Kyle Butler

    High Pregnenolone, High RT3, Low DHEA-S

    Hi guys, two questions for you: Background: I am a 22 y/o male and I have hypothyroidism. Not on TRT or anything. Stopped taking thyroid hormones 6 months ago because they weren't helping. Relevant Labs: Pregnenolone: 237 (33 - 248 ng/dL) DHEA-S: 143 (34.5 - 568.9 mcg/dL) Testosterone, Total...
  4. R

    Pregnancy disrupts the accuracy of automated fT4 immunoassays Are we having fun yet?
  5. I

    Thyroid Blood Work Experiment: Do Beef Thyroid Supplements do something?

    For a long time, I've seen many experts say TSH should be around 1-2 or 1-1.5. In my blood work, my TSH is always higher and I have a tendency to gain fat easily. Before messing with meds, I decided to try Beef Thyroid supplements a shot, to try to see if this could make any difference to get...
  6. Kyle Butler

    First Labs off Thyroid Hormones

    Hi guys, I [22M] have thyroid issues and was taking thyroid medication (Cytomel T3 and Armour Thyroid) for two years to combat it. In August, I decided to wain off my meds to see if my body could bounce back. It's now been 4.5 months on no meds and these are my current labs. I've never been on...
  7. Gianluca

    My labs on 2 grains Armour, looking for feedback on FT4

    I was surprised to see these results, as based on Stop The Thyroid Madness, I really thought optimal would be achieved with over two grains. I wasn’t able to hold the dose for a full month before labs due to traveling, but actually a bit less than 4 weeks. My GF also on the same dose, but held...
  8. Gianluca

    Thyroid/Adrenal Optimization slides by Dr John Crisler

    Dr Crisler (RIP) slides on thyroid health.
  9. T

    Low libido - subclinical hypothyroidism? Iodine deficiency?

    Hello, is it possible have low libido and poor erection due to low iodine? And I also have symptoms as hypothyroidism (hair loss, dry skin, cold intolerance, poor memory and concentration)? My blood results: TSH varies from 3.7 to 1.98 (0.350 - 4.94) Ant TG: <15 (0 - 115) FT4: 12.45 (9.01 -...
  10. M

    Anyone using T2 as a fat burner?

    A few doctors have touted the little-known thyroid hormone T2 to be used to help burn brown fat. Since there is only a tiny amount (8mg) in my NDT, I was thinking of adding it for the purported benefits...
  11. U

    My Recent Thyroid Blood Test Results

    Glad they appear to be normal: TESTS FLAG UNITS RESULTS PREVIOUS RESULTS Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Normal uIU/mL 3.770 NORMAL Ref Range: 0.270-4.200 uIU/mL NOTES: N/A Triiodothyronine, Free (FT3) Normal pg/mL 3.34 NORMAL Ref Range: 2.50-4.30 pg/mL NOTES: N/A...
  12. Gianluca

    The hypoglycemic side of hypothyroidism

    Hypoglycemia is a not so infrequent condition encountered in endocrine practice. Considered an inevitable (though modifiable) part of diabetes therapy, hypoglycemia occurs fairly often, in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, in patients on oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin, and in indoor as well...
  13. Gianluca

    Thyroid Hormone Promotes Insulin-induced Glucose Uptake by Enhancing Akt Phosphorylation and VAMP2 Translocation in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes

    Abstract The purpose of this study was to test a hypothesis that T3 promotes glucose uptake via enhancing insulin-induced Akt phosphorylation and VAMP2 translocation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. T3 significantly enhanced insulin-induced phosphorylation of Akt, cytoplasma to cell membrane translocations...
  14. S

    Swollen Thyroid

    Hi everyone I'm 46 and i've been suffering from decreased sex drive since I turned 40("Life begins at 40 eh?") before that I always considered myself to have a very healthy sex drive. Three months ago I was travelling and decided to get one of all these comprehensive medical checks, it was...
  15. G

    Testosterone causing hypo symptoms

    Fellas, often do you inject? Has it had a impact on your thyroid? I started in April of 2020, and last year around October I started having problems, and now I can connect them to TRT. It seems it somehow Impacting my thyroid function. I just went up to 112 mcg, and I dont have a problem with T3...
  16. D


    I've been popping half a gram of l-tyrosine with my t4 each morning, temperature rises much faster. Reading 98.x most mornings by 7:30. Any drawbacks to this?
  17. D

    T4 helps me sleep. Anyone else?

    Most nights I wake after a good nap. Last night about 2:30 woke right up. Maybe most people wake but return to sleep quickly perhaps. I was up until 4ish. Theanine wasn't enough to go back down. I decided to take T4(50ug) at that time. Takes about an hour I guess but woke sleeping like a baby...
  18. B

    Need for Thyroid Supplementation while on TRT.....

    As most of you on this forum know from my other posts that I have been on TRT for about 11-12yrs now and never felt dialed in.. Suffering from mild depression, lack of sleep, no motivation, cognitive issues, etc.... So I was recently going over my current and past blood labs to see if there are...
  19. Gianluca

    More difficult to build muscle with optimal thyroid?

    Optimal FT3 should be anywhere around 3.7 to 4.2 or so. Has anyone noticed more difficultly to build or hold muscle at this level range? Should perhaps an ectomorph interested in muscle building think twice on optimizing FT3 at these levels?
  20. B

    Test Prop @ 15mg ED/SQ vs Test Cyp @ 20mg ED/SQ... Results.....

    Below are my Lab results from my use of Test Cyp @ 20mg ed/SQ for 8 months and Test Prop @ 15mg ed/sq for about 3 months. Test Cyp @ 20mg ED/SQ (8 months) Testosterone Total-Male 609.0 ng/dL 300.0 - 890.0 ng/dL Free Testosterone 168.7 pg/mL 47.0 - 244.0 pg/mL Estradiol, Serum 72...
  21. M

    Question about t3 and t4

    If t3 is the active thyroid hormone, then what would be the point of even taking t4? I ask because I have been on t3 only treatment since beginning HRT due to high RT3. Wondering if I could benefit from adding in a little t4 to my protocol. T4 is usually at the bottom end of normal or just...
  22. D

    First time getting thyroid labs

    Been on trt for 5 years. Never have gotten the energy, mood, and libido boost from it. Are these numbers anything I should address?
  23. A

    Does long term TRT use cause thyroid issues?

    I'm curious how many TRT recipients on these forms also have thyroid issues. It seems that many people I know who are on TRT are also on thyroid medication, I'm wondering if the two are related. Does TRT eventually lead to thyroid issues?
  24. B

    How to test thyroid if you take 2 doses (am/mid day)

    How's it going everyone? I have a quick question regarding thyroid testing. You have to wait 24 hrs after your last thyroid dose and then get labs. I take an AM and mid day dose. Does this mean I need to take two separate sets of bloods drawn (in the AM and mid day). That way both tests are...
  25. Nocalves


    I know it is late question.. Week ago I jumped on 25mcg of levothyroxine because of some sides… I am on trt for few years and have really low SHBG - 8,8 so most of those sides could be because of bad protocol. Anyway sides are - hair loss, low sexdrive + ED, bad mood, tiredness, and morning body...
  26. DixieWrecked

    Help with labs: High RT3

    Got my blood work back from taking 2 grains of Armour Thyroid every morning. Recommendations? Lower the NDT and add cytomel? TSH (0.45-4.5): 0.859 T4 (0.82-1.77): 1.48 T3 (2.0-4.4): 4.4 RT3 (9.2-24.1): 25.4 Thank you in advance.
  27. I

    Elevated Reverse T3

    Does somebody here managed to deal with elevated Reverse T3 and what was causing it in the first place? FT4 is at the top of the range even can go above if I overdo the selenium, regularly supplementing selenium, zinc, vitamin d etc. FT3 is a bid mediocre(around 2.9-3.3ng/l in range of 2-4.4)...
  28. A

    Does Iron do more with thyroid than help convert T4 to T3?

    I read someone in another thread mention that without enough iron, T3 can’t get into the cell. I’m familiar with the usual things you’d read on Thyroid and iron levels, and am wondering if anybody would know if it was involved in more than just helping convert T3 to T4 in an abstract way, and...
  29. A

    Anyone ever had T3 raise their E2 and free T and cause erectile dysfunction?

    Been on HRT for a few years and still ironing out some lingering issues. Historically I can get my total T to 1300ish with a 200-215 free T and 50-57 E2 without an AI or anything with daily small injections of testosterone and HCG. My free T3 on labs is usually a little low (3.0-3.2), my rT3’s...
  30. W

    Injectable L-Carnitine negatively affecting thyroid? How to take?

    For anyone with experience with injectable L-Carnitine: Do you take it WITH carbohydrates? Fasted? I have heard mixed things here. Some say it’s a waste to take without carbohydrates, some say at can be taken fasted. Any negative interactions with thyroid medication? I've heard it...
  31. T

    Question on Latest Thyroid Labs

    My TSH has been elevated for years, and even though I have several classic low thyroid symptoms — sluggish in mornings, intermittent brain fog, the early afternoon crash — I've avoided going on thyroid meds because my free T3 is always right in the middle of the range. For my latest set of...
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