thyroid function

  1. C

    Best way to take supplements with thyroid medication

    So i have thyroid combination treatment for hypothyroid with TRT 125mcg T4 + 40mcg T3 day. What is the best and proper way to take supplements that they dont interferce each others absortion and my thyroid medication. I know magnesium, calcium iron etc have to take about 6h away from thyroid...
  2. D

    Does Low T3 affect Erection Quality

    Does Low T3 affect Erection Quality, if so how? These are recent labs TSH = 1.230 Free T4 = .94 Free T3 = 2.42
  3. I

    Thyroid bloodwork: Should I consider Thyroid meds/supps for fat loss?

    I am meeting my endo on Monday and was wondering if I should bring up the topic of Thyroid meds to improve my fat loss results (not having much progress lately), what do you think? are these values sluggish or am I fine and just need to tune the diet more? Thanks! Complete Thyroid Blood work...
  4. R

    hCG mono at 7 months | | Thyroid eval?

    Thyroid interpretation requested too. Thanks! Hi, due to circumstances beyond my control I was OFF my hCG mono therapy for 5 full days prior to this Nov draw. This explains ( I hope) the T at 116). How does that skew the other results? Symptoms: morning fatigue, improving since hCG. Serum...
  5. J

    Thyriod Storm.

    A long story short. 12 months ago I was doing Iodine protocol, and when I was tapering down to 12.5mg dayli maintenance dose, I got a Thyroid Storm, though I was having a stroke:( I was a mess for about 6 weeks, and the Dr that I have seen are not helping.. By...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    Defending plasma T3 is a biological priority

    Schematic Representation of the Feedback Mechanisms in the Hypothalamus–Pituitary–Thyroid Axis · The thyroid gland secretes T4 and T3, the biologically active thyroid hormone; T3 is also produced outside the thyroid gland via deiodination of T4; · T3...
  7. Nelson Vergel

    Hypothyrodism Symptoms

    Three great diagrams on hypothyrodism
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Thyroid Health Seminar in Los Angeles on Feb 16, 2014

    Dr. Friedman will host a free [FONT=Times New Roman]meetup on thyroid and hormonal problems on Sunday February 16 at 7 PM. For more information or to RSVP, please go to Theodore C. Friedman, M.D., Ph.D...
  9. Nelson Vergel

    Stop the Thyroid Madness

    I recommend reading information about thyroid from this activist website