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    Online / video therapy? Couples therapy success stories?

    Hey everyone, I'm having some psychological fallout from TRT, erectile dysfunction, and related relationship problems. I'm trying to convince my wife to do couples therapy but currently failing on that front. I've seen a therapist in the past a few times. It helped in the short term, but...
  2. R

    Therapy change

    I've included my labs. At the time I was on .32 ml (200mg/ml) twice a week in addition to .4 ml HCG (12000 IU) 3 times a week. I was also taking 300mg DIM every day with a vitamin D supplement. I was only taking the HCG because my wife and I were trying to conceive but we have been successful...
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    TRT and Why it often Doesn't Work

    My contention is that TRT as it is widely practiced is failing many patients, gives sub-optimal results to others and oftentimes, where it does "work", works almost by default. If a guy is symptomatic and is diagnosed as low T he is often started on a regimen of an aromatisable Testosterone...
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    Newbie on pellets...did I just screw up?

    So I probably should have posted here before I jumped in the deep end. This Monday I had pellets inserted. I just got around to searching the forum here and I see that many members feel that this isn't a great option (period) and that this certainly may not be the best move for a newbie. I...
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    Hello from a wife of a suffering man

    Hello everyone, I hope to find support from the community members here. My husband (actually, both of us) is suffering from the loss of the sex function. I am going to post on Testosterone replacement forum, but give you a short version. I came here to ask for an advice from people who actually...
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