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    Therapy change

    I've included my labs. At the time I was on .32 ml (200mg/ml) twice a week in addition to .4 ml HCG (12000 IU) 3 times a week. I was also taking 300mg DIM every day with a vitamin D supplement. I was only taking the HCG because my wife and I were trying to conceive but we have been successful...
  2. Y

    TRT and Why it often Doesn't Work

    My contention is that TRT as it is widely practiced is failing many patients, gives sub-optimal results to others and oftentimes, where it does "work", works almost by default. If a guy is symptomatic and is diagnosed as low T he is often started on a regimen of an aromatisable Testosterone...
  3. L

    Newbie on pellets...did I just screw up?

    So I probably should have posted here before I jumped in the deep end. This Monday I had pellets inserted. I just got around to searching the forum here and I see that many members feel that this isn't a great option (period) and that this certainly may not be the best move for a newbie. I...
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    Hello from a wife of a suffering man

    Hello everyone, I hope to find support from the community members here. My husband (actually, both of us) is suffering from the loss of the sex function. I am going to post on Testosterone replacement forum, but give you a short version. I came here to ask for an advice from people who actually...
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