1. H

    HCG Dose Question

    I've been on TRT since 2013 and I started at 250iu's of HCG twice a week and my testicles got softer and started shrinking. I immediately added a third shot (so now I was up to 250iu's on M-W-F) and it was fine. I then tried 150iu's per day and that went well too. I then read about fertility...
  2. P

    Testosterone dosage question

    Got a question on testosterone dosage. I’ve used a traditional urologist who typically prescribed .5 ML injection a week for cypionate, I self injected weekly for 4 years now. Recently I visited a health rejuvenation clinic with a good reputation in my area, and their doctor prescribed 1.4 ML a...
  3. S

    How much actual testosterone in solution?

    I know I've seen information on this here before, but I haven't been able to find it with a search. Assuming you have 200mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate, how do you calculate how much actual testosterone is in the solution (less ester, benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, etc)? For example, if a guy...
  4. A

    DHT: Adding T Cream vs Higher Injections + AI

    Adding supplemental scrotal T cream seems to be the trend lately, and personally I've definitely seen some benefit. Based on information from some doctors and other board members it seems the DHT:E2 ratio is improved, which gives a better sense of well being and libido. However, couldn't the...
  5. D

    Would like to know why some men choose more frequent injections at smaller does like twice weekly or E3D. Thinking of going to twice weekly

    Greetings all. I am on a once weekly injection schedule with 150mg of T cyp on Mondays, then .25mg anastrozole on Tuesdays, and .1mg anastrozole on Fridays and Sundays. This causes my T to range from approx 1200 at peak and 500 seven days later before next injection. Is this a normal swing...
  6. H

    Testicular pain alleviated by a cycle?

    Ok, this is going to sound really weird, but here goes. I did my last cycle about 3 years ago. So, prior to that, I have had a strange intermittent testicular pain. They would feel as though I'm sitting on them or crushing them, when in fact I wasn't. Fast forward to 3 years ago. I did a low...
  7. J

    Testosterone Blood Work "Calculated Method"

    Hello, Got my blood test done using the calculated method to see what that test looked liked for me. Here are the results: Total Testosterone: 752 ( 250-1100 ) Free Testosterone: 86 ( 45-200 ) Bioavailable: 172 ( 110-275 ) I do not think they tested for SHBG but its probably high like always...
  8. B

    Natural Testosterone diurnal patterns? trying to dial in TRT and dose timing, etc.

    Has there ever been studies done on natural diurnal patterns of healthy males... such as blood taken ever hour or 2 hours throughout a 12-24 period to see how steady Total and Free Test levels are? From my limited research the consensus is that Testosterone is the highest in the AM and falls...
  9. J

    Thinking about contacting Defy - some random thoughts

    Been feeling really sluggish recently, so much so that I feel almost tingly/hazy at time in the mid to later afternoons and evenings and its been keeping me from having any energy to work out. I got a full blood work up, including thyroid in Dec with my primary care and he said all numbers were...
  10. J

    The Quality of Online TRT Information

    A study evaluated the quality of online information about testosterone. Blogs and forums such as this one were excluded from the study. The complete text of the study is online. The conclusion was: "Information about TRT on the internet is not comprehensive, often failing to adequately describe...
  11. G

    Gman's Test Prop Labs

    4-30-19 Labs were while on this protocol: (Testosterone Propionate only) TEST - 122.5mg/ week. 17.5mg injected ED IM No HCG No AI *Labs were drawn 34 hours after last 17.5mg injection. Basically 1.5 days after last injection* Reason was because I held my injection the morning I was going to get...
  12. John89

    Low-T Diagnosis - Therapy Advice needed (male 30 y/o)

    Hello everybody, first off I want to say that this site has been a great resource for researching TRT and related subjects! I am a first-time-poster and would like to receive some input and advice on my current situation. I am majorly struggling with life right now and need some drastic change...
  13. T

    Still injecting HCG and T in 1 syringe??

    When I first joined this forum, several people were discussing injecting their HCG and T with the same syringe at the same time. Anyone still using that approach? Anyone stop using that approach because of issues. I am trying to restart HCG with my T, and I thought I might fill both in the...
  14. J

    TRT and the Management of T2D

    Two studies recently in the news show the effectiveness of testosterone replacement therapy in the management of tupe 2 diabetes. The first was presented at the Endocrine Society Annual Meeting. An observational registry study of 462 men with obesity and hypogonadism. Among the cohort, 273 men...
  15. J

    Increased Risk of Kidney Stones After TRT

    I don't understand the mechanism at work here, but the design of the study seems sound. To reduce the risk of kidney stones, stay well hydrated and don't use calcium supplements. This news article cites the study: "We conducted a population-based matched cohort study utilizing data sourced from...
  16. S

    Do I need to come off TRT to use HCG for fertility?

    Good Morning everyone, I current receive TRT treatment and then do HCG sub Q 500iu twice weekly I’m addition to testosterone and anastrozole and cabergoline. If I wanted to get my wife pregnant, would I have to come off of TRT or does the HCG keep me fertile while being on TRT? Thanks for the help.
  17. S

    Newbie TRT questions

    Hello all - this is my first post in this forum. I needed some advice/consultation. Appreciate everyone's support! Background: - I started with HCG Mono 250ui 2x a week Jan 24th of this year. Didn't notice much benefits, so moved over to TRT. I still do the HCG though to maintain fertility and...
  18. A

    What labs should I order?

    Hey guys, thanks for an awesome source of information! I’m a 42 year old male with most of classic signs of low T. But my case is somewhat unique, or at least, I haven’t been able to find anyone with similar case. Fifteen years ago I had a gastric bypass and lost a lot of weight. I got to my...
  19. Zetor

    Dizzines and Sex problems

    Hello, I've been struggling with depression and low well being for about 7 years now (I am 26). I feel like I never hit puberty. My biggest problem is that I never felt like a man. I got basically all signs of low testosterone but when I did the test the results were normal. Free...
  20. S

    Hormone Health and Wellness Clinic

    Good Evening everyone, Has anyone heard of or had experiences with the Hormone Health and Wellness clinic located In Florida Run by a Dr. Kurt? Thanks for the help and assistance.