1. John89

    Low-T Diagnosis - Therapy Advice needed (male 30 y/o)

    Hello everybody, first off I want to say that this site has been a great resource for researching TRT and related subjects! I am a first-time-poster and would like to receive some input and advice on my current situation. I am majorly struggling with life right now and need some drastic change...
  2. T

    Still injecting HCG and T in 1 syringe??

    When I first joined this forum, several people were discussing injecting their HCG and T with the same syringe at the same time. Anyone still using that approach? Anyone stop using that approach because of issues. I am trying to restart HCG with my T, and I thought I might fill both in the...
  3. J

    TRT and the Management of T2D

    Two studies recently in the news show the effectiveness of testosterone replacement therapy in the management of tupe 2 diabetes. The first was presented at the Endocrine Society Annual Meeting. An observational registry study of 462 men with obesity and hypogonadism. Among the cohort, 273 men...
  4. J

    Increased Risk of Kidney Stones After TRT

    I don't understand the mechanism at work here, but the design of the study seems sound. To reduce the risk of kidney stones, stay well hydrated and don't use calcium supplements. This news article cites the study: "We conducted a population-based matched cohort study utilizing data sourced from...
  5. S

    HCG and fertility

    Good Morning everyone, I current receive TRT treatment and then do HCG sub Q 500iu twice weekly I’m addition to testosterone and anastrozole and cabergoline. If I wanted to get my wife pregnant, would I have to come off of TRT or does the HCG keep me fertile while being on TRT? Thanks for the help.
  6. S

    Newbie TRT questions

    Hello all - this is my first post in this forum. I needed some advice/consultation. Appreciate everyone's support! Background: - I started with HCG Mono 250ui 2x a week Jan 24th of this year. Didn't notice much benefits, so moved over to TRT. I still do the HCG though to maintain fertility and...
  7. A

    What labs should I order?

    Hey guys, thanks for an awesome source of information! I’m a 42 year old male with most of classic signs of low T. But my case is somewhat unique, or at least, I haven’t been able to find anyone with similar case. Fifteen years ago I had a gastric bypass and lost a lot of weight. I got to my...
  8. Zetor

    Dizzines and Sex problems

    Hello, I've been struggling with depression and low well being for about 7 years now (I am 26). I feel like I never hit puberty. My biggest problem is that I never felt like a man. I got basically all signs of low testosterone but when I did the test the results were normal. Free...
  9. S

    Hormone Health and Wellness Clinic

    Good Evening everyone, Has anyone heard of or had experiences with the Hormone Health and Wellness clinic located In Florida Run by a Dr. Kurt? Thanks for the help and assistance.
  10. I

    Daily Protocol Bloodwork Results!

    So 7 weeks ago I switched to 14mg daily Test, and no ai. I got my bloodwork back this past Monday here are my results: Total test: 909 E2 29 SHBG 29.2 Free test 2.4 Hemoglobin 16.1 Hematocrit 46 Going daily basically gave me the same results as when I was on 40mg T and .25 ai EOD but I’ve...
  11. J

    Review Article on Benefits and Risks of TRT

    Another review article on TRT has been published and its abstract is available online. "Objective of the authors was to systematically review the relevant literature assessing the benefits and harms of TTh [testosterone therapy] in men with sexual dysfunction. Randomized and non-randomized...
  12. C

    Can I feel anything from doing one testosterone injection?

    Hi, I've been having brain fog, depression, anxiety, restlessness, easily stressed-out, insomnia and bunch of other symptoms for years. Right now I'm working with a functional medicine doctor. One of the lab test show I have Low T. I'm not really looking to do TRT because the side-effects worry...
  13. B

    Bumping Up Injection One Day?

    I normally inject on Mondays and Thursdays, both in the morning. However, I have a conference coming up that runs Wednesday-Saturday, and I am flying out Wednesday morning. To avoid the hassle of packing my supplies, I am thinking of injecting that Wednesday a.m. instead of Thursday. What do...
  14. G

    Twice/Week to EOD

    I’m at 50mg twice per week and curious to see how EOD injections would effect hematocrit and TT/free T. What would be an equal switch? Would 30mg EOD be appropriate or less?
  15. T

    Pharma grade quality T in the Netherlands or Europe without rx

    Hi Guys, I was wondering how you can get pharma grade quality testosterone in the Netherlands or Europe when your gp/doctor or specialist don't want to prescribe you T for TRT cause your T levels are considered in the normal ranges while having (all) symptoms of low T. Any compounding pharmacy...
  16. J

    High TT...Low FT

    On 1/14/19 TT...603, FT...15.7 On 4/8/19 TT...711, FT...14.4 I'm not on TRT. I'm pretty sure no doctor would prescribe TRT with my TT numbers. But, can my FT be raised without TRT? I have no other lab numbers pertaining to SHBG, E2...I guess these are okay numbers for a 61 year old, but...
  17. J

    Increase in CVD in Men on TRT

    A new study tracked men on TRT for five years and tracked cardiovascular events. It found about a 20% increased risk in men on TRT, mostly during the first two years. The abstract says: "Using the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), we formed a cohort of men aged 45 years or older...
  18. S

    2 very different test results. Confused & seeking advice.

    Hi folks -- i heard this forum was where the experts are at ;) Seeking advice on blood results. My first testosterone blood was 59 ng/dl (i know crazy low) but the next test they did came back at 400 ng/dl. Both tested in morning and 2 weeks apart. Symptoms (really bad past 12 months but...
  19. S

    Libido issues still - 8 months - Labs - Need help

    Thank you in advance for your help. I started TRT a little over 8 1/2 months ago. My main complaint was libido, but also had ED, no morning wood, lost muscle mass, and mental fogginess. My opening TRT was 200 mg every 2 weeks. This solved all my secondary complaints but didn’t do anything to...
  20. A

    How to add T Cream to Injection Protocol

    I am thinking about asking my doctor for this to boost libido and boost my slightly-above-mid-range DHT to the top for the benefits of high DHT and its effects to counteract estrogen. Guys who have done this, how did you add the cream to your regimen? As far as how much cream, and how you...