1. Nelson Vergel

    Article: Factors that Can Improve Testosterone Gel Absorption

    You can view the page at https://www.excelmale.com/content.php?512-Factors-that-Can-Improve-Testosterone-Gel-Absorption
  2. S

    Is doctor being totally honest with me

    I am 35. My testosterone level shows 417 dg/nl , doctor said it's within the normal range but I am not convinced at all. From what I see in studies online guys in my age have it 600 in average, how mine can be normal? My brother has it 900 and he has diabetes and older than me! Sometimes I...
  3. T

    What test to choose?

    Hi! I'm 26 yo, but I think that I have low T. Low sex drive, bad mood and weakness - these are symptoms. Doctor said "results are ok", but didn't show me results. I wish to bypass my doc (have hmo insurance plan, change a doc is a real trouble) and get tests by mysels. Could you tell what T...
  4. H

    Anyone was able to control HCT reducing testosterone dosage?

    I am currently on 180mg testosterone cypionate a week and having HCT issues. I also had issues at lower dosages. I am thinking about trying 100mg a week to see if that would control HCT and see how i feel. I have no issues in donating blood. But the blood donation seems to be causing “iron...
  5. S

    Low free T, High Iron Concentration, Anemia. TRT?

    Hi, any input would be greatly appreciated. Currently experiencing many typical symptoms of Hypogonadism and have been for over a year. Originally sought help in Dec 2016 and displayed low free Testosterone, Endo basically said they don't treat using free testosterone and it was fine, long story...
  6. T

    TRT and ED

    Ok, so I am 26 years old and have been suffering with ED and low T for a while. Low libido, weak erections, low energy, etc. A urologist originally started me on clomiphene 50 mg EOD and a daily 5 mg cialis. For the first year or so, that really worked for me. My testosterone levels were jn the...
  7. C

    Recommendations for help in Dallas Texas

    I'm new to the forum and am looking for help and guidance regarding low libido and most recently ED. Attached are blood work results from about 6 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with low test in November of 2016 and prescribed shots of test cyp. 200 mg every other week. It seemed to help with...
  8. B

    Can I Increase Testosterone Naturally?

    I think natural increase of testosterone is the best remedy .we know about different ways to solve testosterone problem like injecting testosterone .But i think it will be best if we can solve this problem naturally . here is some natural ways to solve this problem naturally [h=3]Make sure to...
  9. H

    Measuring testosterone dosage in syringe

    I am using now easy touch insulin syringes inject my testosterone. Before i was using BD. BD has a very thin rubber marker that lines up perfectly to the measurements on the syringe. Easy touch however has a much thicker rubber marker that can pretty much fall between every 0.1 mark. If you are...
  10. A

    My experience with Compound Pharmacy Testosterone cream & DMSO

    Hi, Just a quick unscientific experiment i did with a pharmaceutical grade DMSO & two clicks of testosterone dispenser equaling 90MG. I cleaned my arms and hands with an organic soap my wife uses before applying testosterone as DMSO can carry anything small enough through the skin. I have been...
  11. V

    What dose for me?

    Hello, i started my trt 5 days ago and done 100 mg shot. After 5 days i went for blood work and my testosterone levels where higher than it should be. 10.5 ng/ml (2.8 - 8.80) Could it be because of clomid? I used last tablet 2 days before my first test injection and with clomid my T levels...
  12. W

    Does DHEA boost Testosterone while on TRT?

    When I was taking DHEA on TRT (compounded cream) my total testosterone was 799 yet off of the DHEA I was at 604. Just wondering if there is a correlation between the two.
  13. T

    Recommended doctor for "low normal" testosterone in Manitoba/Canada?

    For the last couple years I've been trying to find a doctor to get on TRT and have had no luck. I'm 33 years old, my testosterone levels range from 6 nmol - 11 nmol. Only a couple points above the bottom range. I have 4 years of tests, every year it's been below 11 nmol (325 ng/dl). I've seen...
  14. T

    Low E2 for 6 months.

    Hey everyone, I'm the guy who crashed his estradiol with an OTC AI by the name of Elim1nate. I have never been on exogenous test or any of the sort. I took the drug because it was recommended to me (by a PhD in physiology, nonetheless) and crashed my estradiol. I crashed it in March and still...
  15. K

    TRT is not working for me! any suggestions ?

    Hello people, First, let me tell you that this forum has been of a great help for me. I really appreciate the time that you guys put on here to help helpless guys like me to get where they should be. Your sticky notes, forums, Q&A are much appreciated! I have been on TRT since April and I...
  16. T

    High blood pressure after half a year

    Hey searched for some answers in the forum, but couldnt really find a specific one. The thing is that my blood pressure was fine around half a year after I started TRT but the last 1-2 months my blood pressure is often around 130-145 systol and 80 dia, pulse 65. That is quite scary. When I...
  17. A

    What dosage of testosterone/HCG is needed to affect libido?

    I got on testosterone therapy in February and the effects were unnoticeable for about 2 weeks. Then my libido exploded. After getting my bloodwork done (after starting therapy)...I was told my reading was too high and my doctor lowered the dosage. The original dosage was 100mg 2x per week...
  18. R

    PSA levels & TRT

    I've been on TRT for one year now. About 1cc a week of Test. Everything has been awesome. My blood work every few months has shown in healthy and getting healthier. My GP recently asked me to do start a yearly checkup with a urologist. So I went to the Uro thinking everything is great when he...
  19. D

    New Defy Medical Patient - Please Critique Protocol

    Hello ExcelMale Community, I am new the to community, but have been lurking for a while. I finally took the plunge to address my low T, got my labs done, contacted Defy, had my consultation with Dr. Calkins (super nice & informative guy. CBC With Differential/Platelet WBC 5.2 x10E3/uL 3.4 -...
  20. G

    Protocol Review: Low E2 Symptoms w/ High E2 Bloodwork

    1st Protocol: 100mg Test Cyp 2x per week (200mg Total) .5mg AI 2x per week (1mg Total) Labs on First Protocol (trough test): TT = 955 (348 - 1197) FT = 29.3 (9.3-26.5) E2 Sensitive = 10 (8-35) Clearly I crashed my E2. Symptoms were ED, anxiety, clicking joints, dry skin, insomnia. Also...