1. K

    Low Shgb

    32 low T level was 206 when started TRT, first gels (that was a waist) month later started IM shots at 100mg ever 2 weeks (felt horrible) doc bumped it up to 200mg ever 2 weeks. Blood test had my T levels at 69 on trough day. Last 6 weeks I’ve been on 200mg every week now. Feel much better but...
  2. L

    beta blockers and testosterone?

    hi guys i seem to vaguely remeber being aware of atleast one study where clomid was linked to higher T levels even after treatment had ceased. I have been perscribed beta blockers (propranolol) to try and help with anxiety however i am aware that beta blocker particularly the non selective...
  3. E

    1-Test Cyp, anyone tried?

    I've been cruising bodybuilding forums and came upon 1-Test Cyp (DHB). It appears to be a form of testosterone that doesn't aromitise. Has anyone tried it?
  4. W

    How should I start on shots?

    I may start on shots because I am tired of applying the cream and to avoid contact with others at home. Is 100mg of Cypionate a week a good place to start or is 50mg twice a week better to avoid peaks and lows and to avoid getting a high E2? My current SHBG is 15.
  5. R

    Would TRT help?

    Hello! So got a blood test done and came up low T and low free T, normal estrogen but very high prolactin. Would it be the prolactin that is affecting my T levels this much? I do have puffy nips and a bit of chest fat despite being very lean. I’m 30, healthy and good diet/workout 3/4 times a...
  6. DragonBits

    Testosterone drive E2, BUT timing?

    After an injection of testosterone cypionate, serum levels of testosterone peak the next day. But when do E2 levels peak? Since the majority of the E2 comes from aromatization of Testos into E2, I have to think this conversion process takes some time? Another question, how long does elevated...
  7. H

    For those who inject T and HCG on same syringe

    I am traveling i took with me just the enough dosage of testosterone and HCG to last my trip. For the first time I injected HCG + testosterone using the same syringe. My question is: a bit of testosterone got inside the HCG vial because I accidentally pushed the plunger with the HCG +...
  8. A

    Testosterone injections vs Clomid for secondary sexual characteristics, need help!

    Hi everyone, I'm 32 years old and have secondary hypogonadism (was diagnosed at 25 years old). I've been on clomid for around 7 years now that was prescribed by my urologist. My main question is whether testosterone injections are more effective than clomid for secondary sexual characteristics...
  9. J


    Hi, Does anyone's stomach get upset when they first inject HCG. I take .5ml 3 times a week and my stomach turns eveytime. I'm used to it, but wonder if it's normal. I inject it into my stomach... Also, I inject 1ml of Testosterone once a week and .5 mg Arimedex 3 times a week.
  10. L

    How to inject Testosterone Cypionate

    Hey guys. I've been taking 200mg/ml of Testosterone Cypionate for just about a month now. So far I've given myself 4 total injections, 2 in butt muscle, and the following 2 in thigh. Once in each location, when I removed the needle, a lot of blood came following. Im guessing this is because I...
  11. C

    Testosterone levels on Nandrolone

    Does nandrolone raise total and/or free testosterone levels?
  12. R

    50mg every 3 days Protocol

    Hello. I've seen many suggestions on this forum that you should inject 50mg every 3.5 days. What about injecting every 3 days? I am thinking of doing that. I have a higher SHBG (~50). Higher dosage at once don't do me that much good due to problem with estriadol. Being on 100mg per week i had 40...
  13. Nelson Vergel

    New Testosterone Blood Test on DiscountedLabs.com

    This total and free testosterone blood test panel does not have an upper limit for either testosterone fraction. Some bodybuilders using higher dose testosterone may justify the use of this test. For men and women on testosterone replacement doses, this panel is not justified. We offer 2 other...
  14. B

    How to do Daily T injections

    My current protocol is 75 mg of T every 3.5 days. it brings my Total T up to about 1000 ng/dl, but also my E2 to about 60, and feeling pretty bad. Libido is non-existent, no morning wood etc. Im reluctant to use an AI, at least for now, so i am going to try to move a daily T injection of 20mg...
  15. L

    New to TRT, I have a few questions for anyone willing to help (sorry for long post)

    Hey guys, first off this is a really great site, and I'm thankful for finding it. My name is Mike, I'm currently 34, 6'2", 335lbs. A little background about me.... Appx 6 years ago I was constantly drained, low libido, no drive, determination, etc. I had my doc check my test. It came back in...
  16. S

    Why does once weekly injections get such a bad rap?

    I’ve been on trt a long time and have tried nearly everything other than pellets. Throughout the years I’ve tried several times splitting the dose with doing IM or subQ and either way just wasn’t ever the same as once weekly. I do have high shbg which I’m sure has some impact. I’ve noticed guys...
  17. madman

    Single-Dose Testosterone Administration Increases Men's Preference For Status, Goods

    https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-04923-0 Our results provide novel casual evidence for the biological roots of men's preferences for status, bridging decades of animal behavioral studies with contemporary consumer research.
  18. M

    SHBG itself functions much like a hormone.

    Many times the articles, more specifically, the research articles we read relating to all the various components of TRT are not written for the layman to understand. Therefore, I believe a lot of us, myself included, stop reading because trying to self-educate ourselves can be a difficult...
  19. B

    Standalone SERM as monotherapy??

    Hey guys (and Admins) I'm looking for some pick me up. I'm 44 and have lowish test; my libidio and work drive are down these last few years. Will a standalone SERM help?? I'm a 2 times a week gym goes. 6'2 230lb ex athlete. I've never done anything more than protein powder before. I've...
  20. M

    Problems with Defy and Hallandale Pharmacy

    I've really enjoyed my interactions with the Defy staff, but I've run into some issues with my prescriptions and appointments. After being on TRT for about 6 weeks, I was experiencing very bad bloating, feeling very tired during the day, major nipple soreness, and other symptoms of high E2. My...