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  1. Abonicex

    How long do testosterone esters actually last in storage?

    I've seen some people say a decade. Others I've seen say just 2 years. How long does the substance last if i were to store it? Is it the same for enanthate, cypionate etc? Where can I find reliable info on this? What about the powder form? Important.
  2. A

    THE DEA to Limit Telemedicine

    The DEA has proposed new rules that could significantly impact telemedicine prescription of non-narcotic medications (Schedule III, IV, and V). These rules require in-person evaluations by prescribing physicians, additional record-keeping, two-way audio communication, and limited medication...
  3. C

    Bioavailable vs Free Testosterone

    Quest labs provided me with both a Free and Bioavailable testosterone level. All my last labs just provide Free not bio. I have seen these terms bio and free used interchangeably a lot but they are obviously different. What’s the main difference? and which is more meaningful for TRT purposes ?
  4. J

    Protocol change after one year - from Enclomiphene to Test

    Protocol change March 2023 My men’s health provider and I decided I had plateaued in the last quarter of last year and entered diminishing returns by January. If I had no other options, I could do okay on my present protocol, but why do that when other options exist? So, I’m going off my...
  5. W

    When to check labs?

    If I inject cypionate on MWF in the evening time when do I check the levels? Do I check on Monday morning before my evening shot or the morning of Tuesday or Thursday when I don't inject?
  6. M

    Which type of insulin needle do I buy?

    I have been injecting via subcutaneous injections. The insulin needles that I use are very small which takes a very long time to draw the testosterone. Can you tell me exactly what gauge and length of insulin needle I need to buy to streamline that process.
  7. C

    Prefilled testosterone syringes: rubber plunger bloating!

    Hi everyone. Noticed on this forum some talk in the archives about prefilled syringes. Well, it has been something I have been doing for numerous years at times without realizing it was wrong. Below you can see a picture of a syringe filled with cypionate about two weeks ago, now showing great...
  8. J

    Drink Coke for fuller testicles?

  9. M

    High bioavailable testosterone

    Male 50yo, generally in good shape slim and workout frequently. Never had T or steroids etc. Last two years started feel often irritated and like I lost some of my joy of life. Figured out it's T and went to get tested expecting low results and hoping for TRT. To my surprise results show...
  10. H

    Feedback on my HCG Protocol?

    Hello Friends, Tomorrow, I will be commencing a "restart" protocol. I would like to make sure that I have everything correct before beginning. This will be my first time administering self treatment, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Without further ado... Pre Treatment Test Results...
  11. S

    How to measure the 30 mg ,20 mg of test e...

    Hello guys...I readed many times guys use 30 mg ..20mg..60mg...of test e or test c or sustanon that one ml of it contains 250 What is the right way to measure it? By insulin syringes and 3 CC syringes?? Thanks so much
  12. A

    Are you worried about being dependent on TRT during the upcoming trying times?

    Recession is coming, as well a shortages. How worried are you about getting being on TRT during these times and potentially losing access?
  13. B

    Testosterone Expiration for opened vials

    What's the opinion on Testosterone shelf life for opened vials.... ? I was thinking of giving Test Prop a try again and have 90-95% full vial from Empower that was opened about 13-14 months ago....(it was stored in dark, dry place, the color and consistency still looks like new). Any thoughts?
  14. T

    basic T dose reduction question

    so the general idea is to reduce dose and wait 8 weeks to see results. can you speed this process up? lets say you want to go from 200mg/week to 150mg/week (my case, i think I was doing better at 150 which is my sweet spot) could you drastically reduce the dose for 1-2 weeks or so (lets say go...
  15. T

    what is the 2 % of Total Test

    I'm understanding that let SHBG alone, free testosterone should be 2% of total, how do we calculate that? let's say Total Test is 800 ng/dl and FT is in pg/ml? 800 x 0,02 = 16?
  16. T

    Help lowering test dose + going from M/W/F to EOD

    HI everyone. I have just subscribed but I have doing allot of reading on the forum for sometime already. I have also read the posts on lowering dose, but I admit I read too much, and I have a bit of paralysis over analysis! I just need an input from the most experienced here. I have read...
  17. K

    D-chiro-inositol raises testosterone significantly

    This study confirms that D-chiro-inositol raises Testosterone significantly and lowers E2 and Estrone : https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34078260/ Why is this not talked about anywhere ? Is there something wrong with the study ? Am I missing something ?
  18. S

    Primary Hypogonadal?

    Background: 36yo male. Low T symptoms such as low libido, fat accumulation in belly, and difficulty recovering from workouts. I should note that I am not overweight and lift weights regularly. What I mean to highlight here is that I've always had an easy time remaining lean and that's...
  19. G

    Some labs out of range -- would you change anything?

    Hi All, My question is: Given my data below -- would you change anything? Me: 61yo, 5'10", 165lbs, TRT for nearly 2 years. I've titrated up over that time up to current .10mg test cyp SQ daily (last 6 months). Good body composition, good energy, good cognitive function, good libido/sexual...
  20. R

    Testosterone (no ester) Suspension for Injection - Literature Review

    Going to do a thread on what is often referred to as TNE (Testosterone No Ester) on here. This preparation would be crystalline testosterone in an aqueous suspension (e.g., Aquaviron). I'll see what I can find on pharmacokinetics as well. Building off of @madman 's post here...
  21. G

    50 mg/per week protocol

    Has anyone experimented with 50mg per week cyp/eth? According to this article, shared on this forum, it may be worth a try: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2104626/
  22. S

    Swollen Thyroid

    Hi everyone I'm 46 and i've been suffering from decreased sex drive since I turned 40("Life begins at 40 eh?") before that I always considered myself to have a very healthy sex drive. Three months ago I was travelling and decided to get one of all these comprehensive medical checks, it was...
  23. A

    Compounded Test Gel-Shelf Life

    Hello. I have a question about shelf life of compounded Test Gel. The product was compounded on April 1/2022. I used it only once and stopped. It has been kept in a dark place ever since. Now i would like to restart the treatment. As per the sticker on the product from the pharmacy, it...
  24. T

    Proviron vs DHT gel?

    Hi, Firstly to introduce myself I’m 34 years old and have been on TRT now for 1 year at a dosage of 100mg Test E twice weekly. Feeling overall good during this time however my libido and erectile function could be better. Recent bloodwork shows my DHT levels to be slightly below midrange even...
  25. J

    High Normal Levels?

    Is there any research to suggest that “high-normal” levels are best for overall health and sexual function? Everyone always talks about how men should aim for “high-normal” levels but I have always felt better just in the “mid-normal” range. I feel like advocating for “high normal” T levels...
  26. S

    Advise for 40s guy

    Hi all I am 46years old. I believe that I've always had a high libido, but thing started to change when I got to about 40 years old. I still think my levels are not low, but I want to get back to the days when I would have spontaneous erections in the street for example and not just morning...
  27. W

    Weekly shots

    Guys I have been on Cypionate 100mg on MWF for many months. I realize micro dosing can be better to avoid peaks and valleys but I feel most days worn out and can't sleep at night well. If I try the 100mg once a week instead could that maybe help me with energy levels and sleep?
  28. A

    Can 200mg Test C permanently damage testosterone levels?

    Hello, I was wondering if a light cycle for 12 weeks of 200mg Testosterone Cypionate and 1000 iu HCG weekly (normal TRT protocol) is enough to permanently decrease testosterone levels? Are these reports of permanently decreasing testosterone levels due to people taking higher doses or stronger...
  29. S

    How much arimidex should I use in this situation to keep my E2 in the 20s?

    At 160mg test cyp per week (80mg e3.5d + .25mg adex + 300iu HCG) I consistently get to 1000 total test, 30 free T and 15-25 E2. No adex and I am 30-40 E2. If I wanted to boost my test dose for awhile to 300mg, how much Adex would I need to stay there 15-25 E2? Should I start by doubling the...
  30. T

    High blood pressure running higher dosage Test and Deca

    Using throwaway account here for obvious reasons but i need some NON judgemental advise, considering i already know the levels im on are NOT therapeutic. I started with defy back in 2015 on 100mg test, 0.25mg anastrzole and 500IU HCG injecting every 3.5d and stayed on this protocol until i moved...
  31. E

    Does anyone feel better on Cypionate vs. Enanthate?

    FYI, I know that cypionate and enanthate are basically the same but minus 1 carbon and half life is slightly different. I also know, some people do not feel any difference. Who has been on cypionate and tried switching to enanthate but found they felt better on cypionate? I'm only about a...
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