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  1. W

    Weekly shots

    Guys I have been on Cypionate 100mg on MWF for many months. I realize micro dosing can be better to avoid peaks and valleys but I feel most days worn out and can't sleep at night well. If I try the 100mg once a week instead could that maybe help me with energy levels and sleep?
  2. A

    Can 200mg Test C permanently damage testosterone levels?

    Hello, I was wondering if a light cycle for 12 weeks of 200mg Testosterone Cypionate and 1000 iu HCG weekly (normal TRT protocol) is enough to permanently decrease testosterone levels? Are these reports of permanently decreasing testosterone levels due to people taking higher doses or stronger...
  3. S

    How much arimidex should I use in this situation to keep my E2 in the 20s?

    At 160mg test cyp per week (80mg e3.5d + .25mg adex + 300iu HCG) I consistently get to 1000 total test, 30 free T and 15-25 E2. No adex and I am 30-40 E2. If I wanted to boost my test dose for awhile to 300mg, how much Adex would I need to stay there 15-25 E2? Should I start by doubling the...
  4. T

    High blood pressure running higher dosage Test and Deca

    Using throwaway account here for obvious reasons but i need some NON judgemental advise, considering i already know the levels im on are NOT therapeutic. I started with defy back in 2015 on 100mg test, 0.25mg anastrzole and 500IU HCG injecting every 3.5d and stayed on this protocol until i moved...
  5. E

    Does anyone feel better on Cypionate vs. Enanthate?

    FYI, I know that cypionate and enanthate are basically the same but minus 1 carbon and half life is slightly different. I also know, some people do not feel any difference. Who has been on cypionate and tried switching to enanthate but found they felt better on cypionate? I'm only about a...
  6. 6

    High Estradiol (81pg/ml) on TRT

    Hello guys, I'm doing trt for 6 weeks now. 125mg Testosterone enanthate every 5 days. Before trt i was at testosterone levels ~300 (age 23). 185cm, 85kg, %BF ~20-25. Working out hard 3 x week. My diet is very healty, ~2800 kcal. I started trt, because my mood was shit. I was always sleepy...
  7. FunkOdyssey

    The association between caffeine intake and testosterone: NHANES 2013–2014

    The association between caffeine intake and testosterone: NHANES 2013–2014 Frank E. Glover, William Michael Caudle, Francesco Del Giudice, Federico Belladelli, Evan Mulloy, Eniola Lawal & Michael L. Eisenberg Nutrition Journal volume 21, Article number: 33 (2022) Abstract Background Caffeine...
  8. Fernando Almaguer

    Fermented Foods to Lower inflammation

    Hello all, Recently I have been eating more keifer, greek yogurt (lower sugar options) as well as Saurkreut. I hope to lower inflammation from fatty liver, working night shifts and high carb meals. I haven't gotten a baseline inflammatory marker blood panel but maybe Ill see some changes in...
  9. A

    Testosterone in athletes

    Several articles are showing that many athletes have an FT that is debatably low. Such in this one: http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bjsports-2017-097792 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29445518/ As an amateur marathoner (just about the 3hour for full-marathon), it seems that my endogenous FT...
  10. N

    What are the Best vitamin/supplements for Liver health?

    My liver enzymes are always a little high, not super high, but always 30-40% over normal range for the last 20+ years. Occasionally they have gone down to WNL when I lost weight (I am up and down with my weight). Therefore I know some of this is due to me being overweight now (about 40lbs), so...
  11. Belekas

    40 yo, previous aas use, looking to start TRT. How does my numbers look to the experienced guys?

    Looking to start treatment as feeling ruff. Got sustanon from pharmacy. What do you think about my numbers? In good shape, eat good, workouts sucks though as with such numbers i get no recovery, wake up tired, brain fog, bone health, sex drive, libido and some ed. Nore symptoms but that be...
  12. N

    51yr old have Testosterone, but hesitant to use

    Hi, I am a 51yr old who has juice many times in the past. At 40yrs old I had a max bench of 370. At 49yrs old a max deadlift of 465. Between 40-51yrs old I had on both my right and left side, triceps partial tendon tears. I had Prolotherapy on both of them and they finally healed up after...
  13. J

    Total or free testosterone?

    Hi Im wondering if I should go after Total or Free Testosterone. If I have total in the high range like this blood test shows. Total 988. reference 221-716ng/dl Free 12.5 reference 7.0-36.7 ng/dl SHB 80 reference 11-78 nmol/L Then if I increase the T dose to go after the free T it will look...
  14. FunkOdyssey

    Why don't boys suffer hypogonadal symptoms?

    I'm wondering if anyone can help resolve a mystery I've been thinking about. We understand that the lack of testosterone in men can cause an array of non-sexual symptoms, including low energy, depression, anxiety, irritability, lack of drive/motivation, falling asleep after meals, difficulty...
  15. Z

    Still feeling horrible after E2 crashing and recovering

    Hey everyone, please bear with my long story! I messed up big time and I'm in dire need of help!!! I was prescribed testosterone cypionate (100mg/week, split into daily shots) in July 2020 after a couple of tests confirmed low TT levels (approx 200 ng/dL). This brought my TT up to 800 - 900...
  16. L

    ordering T online (SHTF scenario)

    ok, spare me the moral side of this. the pure reason I am considering this is a SHTF scenario (very likely IMHO). any sort of war or major shortages food/gas WILL affect T availability. I found random sources like Buy Steroids Online | Injectable & Oral Steroids for Sale USA | Card Payment I am...
  17. D

    Dosage and blood work anomaly

    I have an issue I cannot figure out. Been on trt 3.5 years mostly on 140 mg/wk. I had issues with high hematocrit so I started slowly reducing my dose. On 140/wk my total was around 1400. I dropped down to 100/wk and my total test came back over 1500. So I went to 80, came back at 1292. I felt...
  18. C

    Supraphysiological test levels after stopping TRT

    I am throwing this question to the vast amount of knowledge on this board. My last Test-Cyp injection was February 4th (75mg, shallow IM, which I had been injecting weekly for less than 2 months). I had started low dose clomid (25mg eod) but stopped that 4 weeks prior to scheduled blood work...
  19. C

    Information about Proviron

    Hi all, I have been looking into Proviron as of late as I have been experiencing lower than normal libido. I dabbled with low dose testosterone cycles over the past few years as my test levels indicated low normal. I am currently not taking anything and haven't for a few months now. I really...
  20. R

    Freeing Up Testosterone with Average T Levels and/or Higher SHBG

    For those of us with average T levels and/or higher SHBG, our bodies are producing enough T, they just aren't using what's there because it is being bound by SHBG and isn't bioavailable. Why hasn't the pharmaceutical industry focused on producing medications that control (increase/decrease)...
  21. D

    Primary hypogonadism induced by steroids

    Hi guys, i am new here. I am a young man in his 20's and i have primary hypogonadism induced by a long steroids cycle without the use of HCG. In fact, 5 years ago, i did a Blast and Cruise for 1 year straight. I only used testosterone cypionate at 700mg/week during blast and 200mg/week during...
  22. A

    Syringe change questions

    Hi all, Been on trt about 5 years. Bloodwork been stable for quite a while now. Happy with how everything is going. Recently I changed from luer lock syringes to 27g insulin syringes for my testosterone shots. Been thinking about it, when i used to use the old syringes there would be a tiny...
  23. C

    Skin issues while on testosterone?

    Has anyone experienced eczema like skin issues while on TRT? I don't mean injection site issues like redness and inflammation but systemic hive like, extremely itchy raised lesions on the back, chest, right and left flank. I have been off TRT for a few months now and the issue has increased. The...
  24. M

    Drop in free T on EOD

    Previously, on 100 mg, weekly, my free T was 225. Changed up after two months because I was feeling depleted five days out. Went to MWF, 34 mg, IM. Latest labs through Discounted showed a decrease in total(1064 to 1032) with free T down to 191. Now doing 40 mg, MWF and will recheck in six or...
  25. C

    Appropriate duration of Clomid use post self prescribed TRT

    Just throwing another question to the masses. I am currently into my third week of Clomid only, post a two month (or so) duration of self administered TRT (75mg weekly test-e). I started a week after my last injection with 12.5mg of Clomid daily (week 1) then upped it to 25mg daily from week 2...
  26. S

    Is it ok to take Trazodone while on TRT?

    My general doctor just prescribed me Trazodone to help with sleep. I've been on TRT for 2yrs through my clinic and I just want to verify that It's "safe" to take a low dose of Trazodone 50mg while on TRT? Thanks in advance!
  27. madman

    History of testosterone therapy

    History of testosterone therapy through the ages (2022) Mary Rostom, Ranjith Ramasamy, and Taylor P. Kohn The symptoms of testosterone deficiency have been known throughout history with evidence dating back to the twenty-first century BCE when men were castrated to be docile and obedient...
  28. R

    How many mg are we really getting ?

    So I heard somewhere that 100mg of testosterone isn’t actually 100mg but a lower percentage is this true and how much would it be if it was cypionate in particular ? Thanks you guys !
  29. R

    Daily subQ vs IM ?

    So I’ve been doing daily IM shots and I must say I’ve gotten great results but I’m getting tired of how long and far I have to inject into my body and I hear subQ is so much easier especially with low amounts of testosterone. Is there anyone who has switched and gotten the same results or better...
  30. D

    Non responders to test, what's been your plan now?

    There be a minority of people who simply don't "respond" (no benefits, you feel no different) to testosterone, no matter the protocol, at least the one's you've tried so far. What's your plan now? Have you given up and just accepted life as is? Are you still testing protocols hoping one day...
  31. madman

    Testosterone backgrounder

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