1. G

    Total testosterone MS and Nandrolone

    Is Total T MS panel specific enough to recognize a testosterone molecule from a nandrolone molecule? I know the standard non sensitive Total T panel can’t differentiate test and nandrolone and will add them together, and the Total T LC/MS/MS panel is specific enough to know the difference and...
  2. S

    Objections To Increasing Your Testosterone Levels

    Hello, dear forum members, my name is Stefan and I am really happy having found this forum! I am really interested in the topic of increasing your testosterone level because it has some incredibly positive effects on your body, health, and also mood. My Question for you guys: 1. What are/ were...
  3. B

    Testosterone and hematocrit fluctuations on the same dose and protocol?

    What's a normal amount of fluctuation in Hematocrit and Testosterone 6 months apart while keeping the dose and protocol the same? Testosterone Cypionate only. A year ago I lowered my dose, at the 6 month mark hematocrit came back at 50.6 and total T at 600. At the 1 year mark hematocrit came...
  4. A

    Anyone use Perrigo?

    Switched from Actavis/Hikma to Perrigo and my bloods and energy are much lower. It says manufacturers by Grand Rapids aseptic was wondering if anyone here has bloodwork with this manufacturer?
  5. V

    Testosterone Supplementation to Speed Post Surgical Healing

    My nephew is 31 and tore his pec years ago while bench pressing. It's gotten worse and he is going to have it surgically repaired sometime this month and asked me if I thought he should supplement with Testosterone for a few weeks/months to speed up the healing. He's never done steroids of any...
  6. R

    Magnesium zinc and trt

    So I’ve heard it’s healthy to supplement with a daily magnesium and zinc supplement because it’s hard to get these minerals in foods nowadays . I’m curious if magnesium or zinc supplementation affects the testosterone half life, efficiency, or effects it in a positive or negative manner ...
  7. F

    Hard only at the end

    Anyone know what it means or what it is indicative of when the penis is semi hard through sex or masturbation and then ends up getting erect right before climaxing and during. Low E? high E? This happens sometimes while other times it works fine..
  8. L

    Testosterone/Estradiol Ratio

    I've been on anastrozole for 11 years. I believe since I started, science has evolved and lowering estradiol down into the 25 pg/mL range is no longer desirable as I have been told to do by my doctor all these years. Recently I've read more and more that estradiol should not be that low in...
  9. A

    My testosterone is 35 ng/dL on trt

    I’ve been on 120mg Test Cyp for 2 years normally my levels are 900 they came back at 35 (250-1100) and I’m freaking out. I ordered the lcms through discounted labs and went to quest. What is happening this is from the pharmacy Actavis brand I inject every 6 days
  10. E

    help - analysis interpretation

    man 53 years old: options: 1) trt 2) untie testosterone and lower estrogen opinions. ( proviron+ arimidex)
  11. R

    Single dose vials vs multi dose ? Why.

    So I don’t know if this is a dumb question or not . But I’m using the 200mg testosterone cypionate “single dose “ vials but I don’t use it all . In fact not even half . Why can’t I keep using it instead of throwing it away? What makes the multi dose vial different . Practically looks the same
  12. S

    My acne just stopped about 11 months into TRT and I don't understand why

    I couldn't control my shoulder acne and some back acne this whole first year until recently. Nothing I did mattered from a hygiene/soap perspective. My clinic has been rotating me thru a couple of different pharmacies (Absolute in FL/Rite Away Rx in Texas) for some reason and my most recent...
  13. J

    Testosterone fractions in blood?

    what is the typical % ranges for SHBG and albumin in regards to testosterone fractions in the blood? The image is one examaple but Every source I come accross says a different thing. We know that 98% is bound. 2% is free... of course the amount bound (SHBG/albumin) is going to be user specific...
  14. I

    Changing times of injections

    Hi! I am injecting testosterone at 9 P.M (14mg daily) and HCG 9 P.M (twice a week, 500 iu). Now, my question is, what would happen if i just switched hours. Let's say from 9 P.M to 7 A.M for both testosterone and HCG. Would my hormone be in a flux again, just like when you change dosages? Or...
  15. L

    honeymoon phase? Is the forum overly negative? is anyone on here happy with TRT?

    I posted a few months ago. Little background on me. I tested 351ish for total T several months ago with an E2 level of around 7. Free T was also pretty low at 41. I felt pretty shitty at that time. Mostly fatigue and lack of motivation. I worked for the next 2 months to naturally raise the T...
  16. T

    Comparative of my blood results

    Just want to share same numbers and ask overall opinions comparing my 2 blood tests done in the last year. As you can see my SHBG is super high, I have used boro but can’t get it lower. Also my cortisol is higher than normal This is from last year, where I was feeling the worst 10/2019 alb 46...
  17. T

    Does anyone know what carrier oil is used in Wellona Pharma Test Propionate, and Nexium Test Cypionate?

    I seem to tolerate both very badly. I do well with cottonseed oil. I get severe asthma-like symptoms from these. My situation is that I ran out of my Rx (which uses cottonseed oil) and I need a substitute as the clinic provides something to bypass Brexit
  18. madman

    Testosterone, cardiomyopathies, and heart failure

    Testosterone exerts an important regulation of cardiovascular function through genomic and nongenomic pathways. It produces several changes in cardiomyocytes, the main actor of cardiomyopathies, which are characterized by pathological remodeling, eventually leading to heart failure. Testosterone...
  19. T

    Testosterone 1326 ng/dl at trough - 100mg cypionate, 1.75mg anastrozole (weekly)

    Isn't this weirdly much? What confuses me is when I switched to this dose at first it went significantly lower. Should I try 80mg/wk?
  20. G

    More Hemoglobin Issues

    For quite a while I was using 50mg twice per week and that kept my trough about 500-600 with free T about 19-20. My blood pressure was elevated throughout the day but fine when I first woke up and my hemoglobin would be 17.5 and hematocrit around 51. I would also have sleep issues. I decided...
  21. T

    Help with urinary issues while on TRT - BPH or 'overactive pelvic floor muscle'

    Hi there. I'm hoping you guys can help. I am 32 years old. I've been on TRT for 3 years now. 1 ML Test Cyp per week combined with Anastrozole (0.5mg every other day) and HCG 3x a week. Since I started TRT I have been experiencing urinary issues - intermittence, urgency, frequency, strain (not...
  22. F

    TRT, empower pharmacy

    Hello, So now 4 years into trt and I have gotten a few more ancillaries from empower and would like to hear thoughts. Maybe you decide to try your luck. So far I am taking a lipo C injection from empower, hcg and glutathione. Also nandralone. This along with cold showers, sauna, and weight...
  23. T

    CIPLA and crazy dreams...

    I placed a phone order with my normal doctor's office to refill my script. Well, apparently I talked to the new girl, and she ordered me CIPLA test instead of my Depo. I didn't think much of it at the time. Anyhow, about 3 days in, I started to have really scary, crazy dreams. The dreams...
  24. readalot

    What is TRT and What is NOT TRT

    Note: I originally posted this over at T-Nation so hope it's ok if I share it here @Nelson Vergel. Had an interesting and lively exchange over there with one of the proponents of the "TOT" protocol (Testosterone Optimization Therapy as it is called). This short summary gives guys a look of...
  25. T

    What's your experience with being overly emotional / brain fog?

    So testosterone seems to have done wonders for my fatigue which I'm really grateful for. However I often feel extremely emotional and almost on the verge of crying. Sometimes after working out, sometimes after sex, often after nothing at all. Has anybody got experience with anything similar...
  26. S

    Blood Pressure Spiking

    Good morning. Thanks for all of the great information I get from this site. Everyone here is great for sharing life changing information. I’m a 56 year old man in good shape for any age. I’ve been on trt injections (cypionate) and clomid tablets for about 6 years. The past year or so my...
  27. T

    Have any of you dealt with prolactin issues?

    Sometimes I wonder if my issues with E2 have to do with prolactin levels. If I don't take a hefty dose of AI erection quality is poor, libido is not happening, unbelievably emotional, and sex seems to be one trigger for me becoming emotional. This never used to happen until a year ago. I have...
  28. T

    Moving from gel to cypionate - do you guys feel better on injectables?

    I'm going to ask a questions that have been asked a bunch of times before. I'm moving from gel to cypionate, even though my levels on the gel are reasonable. A few things: * I seem to be very sensitive to medium-high levels of E2 * I have high levels of SHBG. 1. Have any of you felt that...
  29. D

    Different Effects Between Testosterone Injection and Cream

    I've used injection testosterone cypionate previously and now been on compounded cream for five months. On the T-Cyp, I felt more inclined to engage in physical exercise, driven, almost compelled to exercise, get a pump going. On the cream it's like I have to make a mental effort. Blood...
  30. T

    Anybody live in a country that mostly prescribes gel / nebido? Were you able to get enanthate/cyp?

    Question in the title. I've been on the gel for 3 months and I really want to try either enanthate or cypionate.
  31. T

    Your experiences with increasing testosterone dosage?

    This is a re-post to an extent. But what I want to hear is some of your stories on increasing testosterone. Here is mine (without much facts, just how I experienced and read it): I was taking 50mg testosterone gel and had levels at 24nmol/l or almost 700ng/dl. I increased to 100mg and...