1. B

    Half life of Nebido

    Hello everyone, do someone know the exact half life of Testosterone Undecanoate (nebido)? I'm asking this to know how frequently do I need to inject this ester to have stable levels.
  2. K

    Does TRT Cream Cause Hairloss??

    I was prescribed testosterone cream for low testosterone. My t level is at 280. The cream is androgel. Got 2 questions: 1) I've been on it for 2 weeks now. Does it cause hairloss? If so I''ll discontinue using it. 2) Although I've been on it for 2 weeks, for the first 3 - 4 days I noticed my...
  3. X

    Starting Over on TRT, A Few Questions about Free T, DHT, DHEA...

    Hi everyone, I would appreciate some input on a few questions: 1) The Tru T Calculator is something new to me that I've only seen since joining this site. What is the range used for free t here? I was on a protocol where I was taking 40mg every third day. This put my total T at 680. My...
  4. A

    Cypionate EOD vs twice a week: E2 vs T peak

    I was on propionate for a year till I got tired of it so talked to my doctor and now my protocol is Cypionate 32mg EOD plus 300IU of HCG once a week. Doctor suggested EOD to keep my levels stable because I'm not using much HCG now. I wonder if this is really necessary. Twice a week is more...
  5. J

    TRT Increases Risk of Kidney Stones

    Another study finds increased risk of kidney stones. The abstract says: We conducted a population-based matched cohort study utilizing data sourced from the Military Health System Data Repository (a large military-based database that includes beneficiaries of the TRICARE program). This included...
  6. O

    IS this excel worksheet accurate

    hey all, I have found this online and was wondering if its accurate. This worksheet is working out the: Ester - testosterone which is unreleased in your blood (white column) Released - The amount of testosterone released You can change the half life according to which testosterone you are...
  7. R

    Blood Numbers

    Hi all, My blood numbers came back as: T = 660 Free T = 126.1 Help and advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. K

    Anesthesia and Testosterone

    Hi all I recently had to undergo an appendectomy and just a few days after, I started feeling really anxious...a little down...not as sexual. Assumed this might be normal, but then started wondering if the anesthesia specifically messed with my test/hormone levels. Thoughts? Thanks. Kaes
  9. J

    Test cyp absorbing

    Has anyone on here ever had problems absorbing Testosterone Cypionate shots in grape seed oil? Like it feels like you get no benefits from testosterone when injecting? Either that or I just got a bad batch of testosterone lol it’s from Olympia pharmacy , don’t know if anyone uses that brand ...
  10. P

    what T level do you feel best at?

    I was wondering what Testosterone level you guys feel best at? Free and total. My first couple of years on TRT I felt amazing with a total T around 1000 and free T at 33. My last couple of blood test have been around 875 for TT and 21 for total T, E2 was 17. I did have a few pimples here and...
  11. S

    Sleep apnea lately

    I’m 57 yr male, in great shape, lift weights 3 times weekly. I’ve been on clomid self prescribed hrt for 4 years. 25mg 4 days a week. Last time I had my testosterone checked it came back over 1500 so the free was inaccurate. Estrodiol was 64.9. I have felt really good. I decided to start using...
  12. J

    Drug Application for Tlando Rejected Again by FDA

    Tlando is an oral form of testosterone undecanoate and failed to achieve high enough blood testosterone levels at the recommended dosage. The article says: The FDA has turned down Lipocine Inc.'s Tlando, an oral testosterone product candidate for testosterone replacement therapy in adult males...
  13. J

    Testosterone Doubles Risk of Thromboembolism

    A new study finds an increased risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in the six months after starting testosterone replacement therapy compared to the six months before the therapy was initiated. The abstract says: This case-crossover study analyzed data on 39 622 men from the IBM MarketScan...
  14. H

    PSA changes

    Recently I discontinued taking Anastrozole (0.5mg/wk) since I lowered my testosterone dosage from 80 to 60 mg/week. My E2 has been running in the 20 - 25 range while total test levels were 950 - 1000. Since reducing my T dosage my last set of labs measured my TT at 750 and my E2 slightly above...
  15. D

    Caffeine and TRT

    I have been trying to dial in my right protocol, but so far not very good results from energy/libido standpoint. When I drink something with caffeine, Instead of getting more energy/alertness, I feel worse like less than 5min after I took it. Has someone experienced that? does someone know what...
  16. bbex2014

    Testosterone No Ester

    Just out of curiosity, if compounding pharmacies started making pure testosterone in say grapeseed oil carrier (no ester), how many would be interested in trying it for daily injections? I have a really good friend who "self prescribes" trt with testosterone no ester in oil and says its way...
  17. I

    Chronic depression, fatigue, no libido all of my life

    Hello ! I'm 33 years old. I've chronic fatigue, depression and no libido (and no morning erections. Erections are good if I get horny.) all of my life. I often feel nervous too much and experience anxiety (including social. I'm an introvert). I have apathy which progresses with time. Also I...
  18. Y

    TRT 4 weeks in TT 454-758, FT 4.7-10, E 17.2-42.4

    Seeking advice on my protocol and go forward recommendations given the following: Just started TRT 4 weeks ago, did a baseline blood work on T & E: TT = 454 FT = 4.7 E = 17.2 My protocol: 100mg T-cyp 2 times per week (Mon & Thurs). 200mg total for the week Plan to add HCG and AI's (as...
  19. J

    Injecting twice per day?

    Has anyone experimented with injecting testosterone twice per day? I found a website called steroidcalc.com where you can plot different steroids,doseages, injection frequencies and it will show how many milligrams are in your blood. Maybe some of you have visited this website before? One of the...
  20. E

    General getting off TRT question: When to start taking clomid/nolvadex? Immediately immediately after stopping, or waiting a week?

    Okay in my case it's nolvadex (30 tablets, each 20 mg). If I were to get off the testosterone, would I just start taking the nolvadex immediately? I just got my blood labs done, though I has no choice but to test literally 2 days after injecting 1 week's worth of testosterone. I had no choice...