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  1. G

    troughs of natural T?

    just curious folks who were borderline low T how much of a difference getting bloods an hour or 2 later in the day? ie are u 400 when woke up and bloods later in the day how much lower did they get? anyway, ive only seen charts of folks with normal T start at 700 and go down to 300 or so...
  2. Tharayman

    Is sublingual testosterone administration a worthwhile route?

    I have seen vendors claiming 99% absorption rate. But if one chooses to go that route one would have to administer several times a day, and would still experience a bit of fluctuations in T levels? Test or other hormones administered this way should be suspension, as the oil wont have any place...
  3. M

    Low cortisol

    I have been on trt for many years, last few years just not feeling well, thought it was my trt dose or estrogen, ran many blood tests and found out recently my cortisol has been consistently low, went to the Hospital and they ran the Cortrosyn stimulation test on me and my adrenals did not...
  4. M

    Empower Testosterone Troches

    I was just prescribed 100mg testosterone troches from Empower. The doctor said to just chew on them and hold the medicine under my tongue. Does anyone have any experience with these? Should I really chew on it? Does putting between your lip and gums work better? The prescription is part of a...
  5. N

    3am erections and awake... Battling to sleep vs training at this hour to make muscle gains?

    I wake up with an erection at 3am every morning, rock hard.. Usually have to masturbate to get some sleep.. Would i be better off training at this testosterone peak at 3am or battling to get back to sleep and ignore it and continue to train around mid morning or evenings... 49 year old male on...
  6. S

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Low Free Testosterone

    This is interesting and there are a few other articles out there relating to this. I know it was a mouse model study but that's how things start. What lead me to look into it is that I have had IDS and Digestive issues over the years. I have always had low free T with normal Total T. But when I...
  7. L

    Erectile Disfunction on TRT / Please Read

    There are some topics here and in other forums (please Google "TRT and ED" on Reddit or other forums) of men complaining about having ED on TRT after being good and dialed for months or even years and suddently developing impotence out of nowhere. Suspects are: estrogen imbalances, low SHBG...
  8. D

    Side Effect Should Prompt New Research

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/supermarket-evacuated-over-fears-highly-30673037.amp Spider venom may be the new Trimix.
  9. Charliebizz

    Curious your opinions

    Saw this video today and very curious on your opinions especially @madman
  10. S

    Injection timing in the day....help

    I'm on trt 180 mg a week on daily protocol, I notice if I inject late day like 5 pm or 7 pm I don't have morning wood...but if I inject like 2 pm or 1 pm I get morning wood...what happen to me is myth? Or its common? Thank u guys
  11. K.pietera

    Deca in shoulder inject

    Hi there , I have a short question , is it safe / possible to inject deca in the deltoid muscle ?
  12. U

    Low dose enclomiphene combined with Low dose TRT

    History.... never had great libido on injections. I've tried high doses, low doses. I've tried with and without an AI. I've tried one a week, twice a week, every day injections, etc. Nothing ever worked that great for libido to be honest. Everything else is amazing on TRT...just not the libido...
  13. K

    How long for Subc daily Cyp inj to get into bloodstream and make a difference

    Anyone know how long it takes a increase in Subc Cyp injection dose to get in the the blood and affect T levels, also how long for the increase to affect Libido, strength, mood etc.
  14. Gianluca

    Normalization of Testosterone Levels After Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Associated With Decreased Incidence of Atrial Fibrillation

    Abstract Background Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac dysrhythmia associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Several small studies have reported that low serum total testosterone (TT) levels were associated with a higher incidence of AF. In contrast, it is also...
  15. M

    Free T low, total t high.

    Free T... My total test came back at 900 on a scale of 250-850. But my free came back low, 11, on a scale of 9-22. shbg is 45, Inj frequency is 2x a week. (80 mg total for week) What else should I be looking at as to why my free T is lower?? THX
  16. B

    Random thoughts/questions regarding Test and AAS...

    Like many of my brothers on this forum I/we have been struggling to get dialed in on TRT..... and the thought process has usual been to try to replicate the normal levels/diurnal rhythm of the body to maintain peak homeostasis, however, even with seemingly normal Total/Free T, E levels, etc.. we...
  17. B

    Thinking about adding Deca for joint pain.

    I'm 58 years old and my joints continue to give me issues, on 80 mg a week of test cyp split x2, my dr gave me meloxicam and muscle relaxers for my joint pain, I have been thinking about adding a small dose of Deca instead of all of the nsaids, would like to hear from anyone who has used deca...
  18. W

    Why didn't my levels change much despite a dose imcrease?

    I was on cypionate 100mg weekly and after the increase to 200mg they didn't change much in 2 months. As follows: 100mg Total T 644 Free T 32 Rbc 6.14 Htc 52.4 Hemoglobin 17.6 E2 52 200MG Total T 1195 Free T 32 Rbc 6.07 Htc 52.6 Hemoglobin 17.6 E2 70
  19. G

    Traveling With Testosterone - Hot Car All Day

    So the family and I will be going on a road trip soon, and there will be days where my testosterone vials will be sitting in the car for a full 8 hours while we're exploring amusement parks and such. Is there any issue with this? If so, any tips to deal with it? Would it be better for it to be...
  20. M

    My dose has been too high?

    Try and keep this short...5 years ago felt bad, Dr put me on 100 mg of Test cyp 1x a week, did ok for a while, HCT HGB got too high, told to donate every 4 months, still didn't feel right, test levels were great, high in fact around 1000, after another year still felt rough (Yes tested for...
  21. Fernando Almaguer

    Cold for acne, glucose balance, insluin sensitivity and feelings of well being, positivity.

    I go out of my way to cold plunge even in the hottest Houston humid temperatures. It does wonders for morning activation and alleviating of brain fog. Here is the latest data on the hot and cold temperatures and how they benefit humans when used as hormetic stressors. I have seen the best...
  22. B

    Having a rough time since I lowered my Test dose....

    I lowered my dose from 120mg (was on for over a year) slowly down to 90mg a week over a few months, just recently (2 weeks ago) split it into 3 times a week MWF 30 mgs per. SInce then I feel more emotional, depressed, anxious, my nipples are really sore, I am more TIRED and ACHY all over...
  23. B

    Inj Frequency

    I know everyone is different, but I would like to hear what you have found best for inj frequency, My SHBG is mid range at 45, E2 runs a bit high at 60, HCT and HGB has been a problem for me, last blood work it was 57 and 19 so I did go donate, in the past I have had issues when i donated 3...
  24. aneuman

    Testosterone Cypionate and BPH - advice needed

    Hello guys, I've been under a protocol of Enclomiphene Citrate and HCG 3 times a week. Here are the breakdown of the results: Pros: Better mood. Used to have a short fuse before, now I'm more calmed. More optimistic Sleep has improved. Not ideal, but acceptable. Wake up many times, but manage...
  25. D

    Testosterone + HCG in Same Syringe

    I know some here combine the doses. Can you tell me technique and size syringe/needle you use? I’ll be using cypionate and pregnyl. Lure-Lok syringe or integral diabetic style?
  26. E

    Does T affect your voice?

    Years ago when I was a patient of Dr. Crisler, he sold T troches that you dissolve in your mouth. One of the side affects he mentioned was that you might notice your voice get deeper. I am a singer in several different groups, and over the years I've lost my deep bass range. Does anyone have...
  27. Abonicex

    How long do testosterone esters actually last in storage?

    I've seen some people say a decade. Others I've seen say just 2 years. How long does the substance last if i were to store it? Is it the same for enanthate, cypionate etc? Where can I find reliable info on this? What about the powder form? Important.
  28. A

    THE DEA to Limit Telemedicine

    The DEA has proposed new rules that could significantly impact telemedicine prescription of non-narcotic medications (Schedule III, IV, and V). These rules require in-person evaluations by prescribing physicians, additional record-keeping, two-way audio communication, and limited medication...
  29. C

    Bioavailable vs Free Testosterone

    Quest labs provided me with both a Free and Bioavailable testosterone level. All my last labs just provide Free not bio. I have seen these terms bio and free used interchangeably a lot but they are obviously different. What’s the main difference? and which is more meaningful for TRT purposes ?
  30. J

    Protocol change after one year - from Enclomiphene to Test

    Protocol change March 2023 My men’s health provider and I decided I had plateaued in the last quarter of last year and entered diminishing returns by January. If I had no other options, I could do okay on my present protocol, but why do that when other options exist? So, I’m going off my...
  31. W

    When to check labs?

    If I inject cypionate on MWF in the evening time when do I check the levels? Do I check on Monday morning before my evening shot or the morning of Tuesday or Thursday when I don't inject?
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