1. J

    Pulmonary Fibrosis and Testosterone Levels

    A news article discusses a new study finding a link between idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and testosterone levels. The original study is also online: "The protective tips of chromosomes, called telomeres, are shorter in men with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) than age-matched peers, and...
  2. J

    Association of Testosterone Levels with Cancer

    This study finds little correlation between the two: "We evaluated the association of circulating levels of total and free testosterone, and of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), with the risk of cancers of the pancreas, kidney, and brain, and of total and free estradiol with the risk of...
  3. I

    Lowering test to add hcg

    Has anyone here felt better, mainly libido and sexual function, by lowering their test dose so that they're mid range instead of upper end, and adding hcg? If so can you share your experience and numbers/doses?
  4. A

    Big Pharma vs Compounded T Comparison

    I decided to run a comparison between empowers compounded cypionate vs pfizers cypionate. I ran each for 12 weeks at 70mg e3.5d with no other ancillaries and the same exact supplement regimen. Pfizer: 1268 ng/dl Empower: 979 ng/dl Sensitive estradiol was higher on the Pfizer as well. Pfizer...
  5. J

    Exogenous Testosterone Decreases Diabetes Risk

    A new placebo controlled study of the use of testosterone undecanoate to prevent type 2 diabetes in older obese men found it reduced the risk by 40%. The study was presented at the recent meeting of the American Diabetes Association, the abstract is online. There is also an article about the...
  6. DragonBits

    Lowering Testosterone May Reduce Severity of COVID-19

    The science behind testosterone and COVID-19 May 28, 2020 A new study led by David Goldstein, PhD, director of the Institute for Genomic Medicine at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and Xinchen Wang, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher at the institute, informed the idea to treat COVID-19...
  7. V

    Help! I spilled test

    I was doing my shot and the cap came off my syringe and testosterone cypyionate came dripping down my arm. I wouldn’t be concerned except I have a blood test next week and they are gonna draw over where the testosterone spilled. Will this falsely elevate results or show up as test? (LCMS assay)
  8. J

    Plant Based Diet and Testosterone Levels

    Hereś an interesting study of how plant based diets affect testosterone levels. The epithet "soy boy" is used not just to describe men who consume soybean products, but also men who avoid meat. So how does a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian ("plant based") diet affect testosterone levels? Not at...
  9. J

    I Have a prolactinoma

    I recently had an mri because of an elevated prolactin level on blood work. There is a small mass on my pituitary gland. Im bringing this up on this forum because over the last few years there has been a backlash against ai's. There actually is some research showing elevated estrogen causing...
  10. B

    I think neglected Total Testosterone focusing too much on free T...

    I think I might have found out why I wasn't feeling so good on TRT all these past years... I wasn't optimizing my Total T.. I was focusing too much on my free T which was always in the top 90% or higher of the free range which is great but my Total T was in the bottom Labcorp range (mid...
  11. J

    Low T a Risk Factor for Covid-19

    A study evaluated the risk factors of men admitted to a hospital in Germany for Covid-19 and found that one factor is low testosterone levels. This run contrary to recent discussion in the media where it has been argued that testosterone raises the risk for Covid-19. The preprint is on MedRxiv...
  12. B

    Testosterone Undecanoate

    Someone has experience with Testosterone Undecanoate ester? Wikipedia says that this ester have 21 days half life, it is true? If so, would be a better choice for TRT, right? Injecting two times per month.
  13. T

    New Labs - T through the Roof!

    Hello all: Just received back my updated labs and wanted to get some thoughts. Last labs were on 1/29/20 after 6 weeks of my first protocol (I know, I jumped the gun a bit): T cyp 200 mg/ml - 0.32md IM/SQ twice a week (3.5 days) HCG 6,000 IU - 40 units SQ twice a week (3.5 days) Total...
  14. C

    Proviron on trt?

    Any thoughts on this? I’ve been reading that it is better to lower estrogen than anastrozole on trt...
  15. keithc2485

    Brands of Testosterone cyp.. Wilshire pharma? ever use it ?

    hey guys.. so I seem to have noticed a shortage of Testosterone Cyp. i even googled it and it confirmed a shortage and big back order in major brands.. I am allergic to Perrigo (the one everyone freakin has) and have been doing awesome with WestWard (HIKMA) pharma ..... CVS has had it for the...
  16. J

    Testosterone and Anastrozole combined

    I've been using Defy for my TRT and taking 0.4 T, 0.5 HCG and 1 pill of Anastrozole 2x per week. A local place combines Anastrozole and TRT into a compound and recommends taking it only 1x per week and HCG 3 days later. They said that taking T and HCG at the same time is ineffective. Any...
  17. B

    Inject 100mg of testosterone weekly. What level would I achieve.

    Hi guys, I want to know how much Total Testosterone we reach with 100mg test per week (comum TRT prescription). Should have 700ndl at this dosage? Do anyone have a chart about it?
  18. Pacman

    How long after the "best use date" (BUD) does T cyp/prop retain its full efficacy?

    Let's say it is unopened, in a closed box not near sunlight, at room temperature. Is there a certain point it tends to get "weaker"? One year after the BUD? Two years after? Right away? Same question regarding AIs. Any data in regards to AIs as well?
  19. J

    Covid-19 and the Testes

    This preprint explores the effects of Covid-19 on sexual hormone levels in men. The study finds that LH levels are elevated, FSH and testosterone levels are the same. And they hypothesize that Covid-19 impairs testosterone production, so the body boosts LH levels to compensate, bringing...
  20. J

    ADVICE NEEDED! What is this telling me?

    Hi gang. I don't even know where to post this or where to start...so I'll just go for it. On TRT since 2012. That includes hCG and anastrozole. My injections have been a Cypionate/Enthanate/Nandrolone blend 1mL IM per week, spaced out in 3 shots. 50u of hCH twice a week. 0.25mg anastrozole...
  21. J

    Enclomiphene Results 3/18

    I tested out Enclomiphene at 12.5 mg every other day for about 2 months and here are my results. Total Testosterone: 1,077 (264-916) High Free Testosterone: 28.4 (9.3-26.5) LH: 12.5 (1.7-8.6) High Estradiol Sensitive: 40.5 (8.0-35.0) High SHBG: 47.7 (16.5-55.9) Overall I pretty much felt the...
  22. J

    Testosterone, Growth Hormone, and Muscle Growth

    This is a review article on what we know about the biochemistry of testosterone and growth hormone as they affect muscle growth. It starts: "Hormones are largely responsible for the integrated communication of several physiological systems responsible for modulating cellular growth and...
  23. J

    U-Shaped Association Between Testosterone and Fractures

    The occurence of fractures in an elderly population is a significant concern, so this study looked at the relation between the number of fractures and hormone levels, including testosterone. It found fractures were higher at both low and high levels of endogenous testosterone: "Analysis of...
  24. J

    TRT Increases Marker for Heart Disease in HIV+ Men

    If you've watched the documentary "The Widowmaker," you know the calcium artery score is a marker for risk of heart attack. A recent study, reported at an AIDS conference but not yet published, found more coronary artery calcium progression among HIV+ men on TRT than those who were not on TRT. A...
  25. T

    Perrigo brand Test Cyp domination, thoughts?

    It seems the only brand of testosterone that pharmacies here in New Orleans carry anymore is the Perrigo brand. Am I alone in finding that it just feels weaker than anything else I’ve tried? Especially compared to compounding pharmacies and even other generics, I just don’t feel the same. I just...
  26. M

    Considering going from E2D to E3D injections. Thoughts?

    Been on TRT for around 21 months. Current protocol 105mg PW Cypionate, inject E0D. Reason for EOD injections is due to SHBG being in the low to mid 20's. (20-25, 11 blood tests) All bloodwork has been great with no issues at all. I'm considering changing to E3D injections purely for the...
  27. S

    Do i need HCG on TRT

    Hi i am 57 years old and have been on TRT for over six months i am 17 stone and have been in the gym for the past 25 years. Although working out regularly weights and cardio i was seeing an increase in body fat as i got older. I am now on 250mg Cypionate a week subq. All my bloods are okay and i...
  28. J

    Dietary Factors in Testosterone Deficiency

    Another study looked at American dietary habits to try to determine their effect on testosterone deficiency. The study found two significant factors: Vitamin A, which I have not seen in previous studies, and the combination of protein, fat, and phosphorus, which sounds to me like a proxy for...
  29. J

    Decline in Testosterone Levels in Young US Men

    Another study shows testosterone levels have declined. Unfortunately, the abstract does not say the amount of the decline. Also note that the study says 20% of young men have low testosterone. Here is the complete abstract: "Testosterone deficiency has a prevalence of 20% among adolescent and...
  30. J

    Results of 11 Years of Testosterone Therapy

    The is the longest term study of testosterone therapy (TTh) I've seen. The full text of the study is available online. The summary says: "Our findings demonstrate that in subpopulations of men in different weight categories at baseline, long-term TTh produced significant weight loss while...
  31. R

    Testosterone confusing lab results

    Hello everyone! I will try to describe as good as i can what happened with my labs. I hope you can help me with a reason why that is happening. I ve started TRT with a dose of 100mg enathate pharmacy grade per week doing 25mg shots every other day. Labs after 1month total testosterone :645...