testosterone replacement therapy

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  1. E

    Trt not working that well, 2.5 years now

    Was put on TRT in april of 2017 after results showing ranges from 6-9nmol many times (about 160-260ng/dl). Prolactin was always high, around 400-500, which made them do a MRI on my brain, found nothing. SHBG always lower-ish around 18-24. Due to the shitty system in my country, given testogel...
  2. madman

    Testosterone replacement therapy and cardiovascular risk

    Testosterone replacement therapy and cardiovascular risk Thiago Gagliano-Jucá and Shehzad Basaria Abstract Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and is essential for the maintenance of male secondary sexual characteristics and fertility. Androgen deficiency in young men owing to...
  3. J

    HCG shortage

    I have been off HCG for about 4 months since my local store has it on back order. I use Pregnyl 10000 units. I get 2 vials for $200 using the Coupon from GoodRX. Is there anywhere else In California or even in the US i can order this from?
  4. B

    Urologist thinks TRT can stimulate my natural production?

    Hey guys, Been on TRT 5 months now (25 years old, secondary hypogonadism, levels were 6.0nmol before TRT). My urologist has been really receptive to TRT and things have been going well (started on one injection every 3 weeks but got her to change it to 2x a week after showing bloodwork and...
  5. D

    Are you scared about your HDL going down on T.R.T??

    Hi Guys been on Nelson's forum for a good while but like too make a very important post. I been on T.R.T for 3 months & half on the Injection protocol prior to that it was 2 Months on Transdermal Compounded TEST Cream, going for a Cholesterol test soon. By how much did your HDL values drop on...
  6. J

    Low T Concerns? Should I be scared?

    Hi, I just recently had my T levels checked due to the following symptoms and they came back 432 at 35 years of age. Can someone with experience comment if the following can be caused by low t and if trt would possibly help? My understanding is that my levels match that of a 70 year old...
  7. B

    One injection of Sustanon250 over three weeks graph (With bloodwork)

    So here it is guys, One injection of Sustanon250 (1ml - 250mg) every three weeks completely mapped out with regular blood work. I showed this to my urologist yesterday and she agreed it isn't working the way she expected so we've switched to weekly injections of 0.5ml Sustanon 250. I've brought...
  8. B

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy youtube video

    Hey guys, I've been working away on making easier to understand youtube videos about Testosterone Replacement Therapy. I have a few 'under-development' but I thought it would be great to share with you all and see what you think! I'd appreciate any feedback (positive and constructive)
  9. 3

    Androgen Receptor Health Assessment

    Is it possible to test/assess the health of one's androgen receptors? I am just curious if there are tests that will predict the efficacy of TRT and/or determine the timeline of expected benefits. I would imagine Thyroid (TSH, T3, T4) is obvious. What else can be tested to determine AR health?
  10. C

    DVT-PE in Klinefelter's syndrome

    Men with Klinefelter's syndrome usually start testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in early adolescence and take it life long. Likelihood of DVT-PE in Klinefelter's is 20 times that of the normal population, or about 1 in 50 men. We have new data that most men with Klinefelter's who develop...
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