testosterone propionate

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  1. W

    Propionate Vs. Cypionate

    I've been on Cypionate for over a year (since I've started trt) and noticed that I was retaining water. I decided to switch over to Test Propionate since I inject everyday, Subq, 20 units, (140mg total a week). I feel a little sluggish and was wondering what people's experience has been on...
  2. B

    Empower vs Defy and/or Recommendation of Compounding Pharmacy

    My doctor wrote me a script for Test Prop 100mg/ml. Does anyone have any recommendations where to fill it? Empower, Defy and/or another Pharmacy recommendation?
  3. J

    TNE question

    @Cataceous would you suspect propionate, suspension, or TNE (these having higher peaks/shorter duration) to result in higher preferential 5ar or aromatase interaction vs longer esters (lower peaks/longer duration)? Do you think the rate of enzyme interaction is the same or is any differences...
  4. R

    Perplexing result.. thoughts?

    Hi there, I'd really appreciate any thoughts or guidance on protocol/results below. I am quite surprised by the prolactin result, and even the T and E result as I am on a low daily dose and this is before my next injection. Any thoughts would be very appreciated. Purpose is TRT and not sport...
  5. W

    Test prop, not feeling anything? How long to notice libido changes?

    I thought with prop you would notice libido changes quickly since the short half life, like within a day or two. I injected 8mg two days ago and can confidently say it had no perceivable effect. It should have spiked my blood levels and then dropped back down - normally you would "feel"...
  6. W

    Testosterone Propionate Side Effects

    Aside from just regular test side effects in general. I’m more speaking of test prop vs the longer esthers. Here are the things I’ve read that make prop different than cyp/eth in terms of sides. Spikes DHT more then other esthers Spikes E2 more then other esthers Lowers E2 more then other...
  7. C

    Daily Injections: Prop vs Cyp?

    I will be switching over to daily injections for a while to see how I feel. My shbg is normal at 34, but I still feel too much variation in how I feel when I space shots out by a few days, and I'd like to keep my estrogen slightly lower. I was wondering if there are any benefits to using prop...
  8. O

    Appropriate Starting Dose for Propionate?

    Hey all. I read this forum often for advice. Time to make an account so I can ask my own questions. I have been on TRT for a while and never really felt that same "boost" from it after the first year. I tried high dose/low dose, frequent/less frequent, HCG/no HCG, AI/no AI. Some things work...
  9. E

    Switching from Cypionate to Propionate - Experience?

    Hey guys - Considering the switch from cypionate to propionate. I've been on cypionate for 6+ years and have had a good experience so far but notice more and more guys "raving" about their experience on prop. I'm already doing daily micro injections and have been for over a year. One...
  10. F

    Propionate guys updates?

    @seanmosher @Gman86 @sh1973 Others? Any updates on the switch to prop?
  11. Jason Sypolt

    Injecting Testosterone Propionate on a Daily Basis

    After 6 months on daily T Cyp I felt that there was still a lot of room for improvement for me. I still just wasn't "feeling" it much. So I switched from Cypionate to Propionate. Having been on it for a couple of weeks now, I have a significantly higher/consistent energy level throughout the...
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