testosterone dosage

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  1. K

    Testosterone dosage

    I started taking testosterone with medical supervision cause suddenly I couldn't get hard enough I'm 56 years at the same I wanted to gain muscle cause I work out a lot, I started with 125 mg once a week and every week I goes higher I haven't been noticing any improvement I'm now on 180 mg a...
  2. C

    Micro Dosing Testosterone ? kinda

    My routine for the last 2 years has been test cyp injections every Monday and Thursday. About a month ago I stopped doing Glute IM pins and trying out shallow IM in the Delts twice weekly. Just easier to administer and love using 28 gauge 1/2” insulin pin. My dose is approx 60mg Monday and 60...
  3. E

    Lowering Test Dosage

    I've been on HRT now for almost 6 years at a weekly dose of 200mg (cypionate). Up until about a 1.5 years ago my total T would average around the 800 mark. I switched to daily injections 1.5 years ago and my last 3 blood tests have my T levels at 1100-1200. Since I'm over 1000, I think I would...
  4. B

    Do higher test levels not always equal a better libido?

    This is so counter-intiuitive to me but I've seemed it claimed on here before. Now sure - if E2 is out of whack or your test is so high that its doing damage, I get that. But why do guys say their libido suffers just from having higher T even when everything else is in range? Like for example...
  5. S

    Theory about determining weekly dosage

    I've had this thought for a while now. It seems like many of us simply do not feel well on TRT, even when our labs look good and we've played around with dosage frequency and TT quite a bit. One thing I've read a number of times is when a guy decides to get off of TRT, he'll feel really good...
  6. C

    Thinking of Lowering the dose, Not typo.

    Long story short, I’ve been on testosterone replacement therapy for just under one year most of it on 200 mg of cyp per week divided into two weekly 100 mg dosages. When I say most , there was a three month period or so where my dosage was decreased due to being over the reference range. Back...
  7. Jiu Jitsu Dude

    7 weeks on TRT- changed protocol again. Nuts?

    Hi guys, Starting my 7th week on cypionate injections. 1st month doc had me on 200 mg E2W (bad anxiety each time until the 2nd week, did this for 1 month. Doc insisted I stay the course. Then I did not like the roller coaster so per advice herein (forum) I switched to 100mg once per week. I...
  8. Mountain Man

    Pros/Cons of Dose Changes for Older User?

    Been on 100 mg test cyp, dosed once per week for the past 9 months with great results. At age 63, I am on TRT for life. I have a few questions that I hope I can get feedback on: What's the benefit of dividing injections into every 3.5 days as opposed to once per week? Would this benefit...
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