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  1. P

    Companies still marketing administration of testosterone shots once every 2-3 weeks

    Why are companies still packaging testosterone with administration guidelines of once every 2-3 weeks? With all the latest data on that protocol being fairly ineffective, surely they could change their recommended administration so even doctors who are not up with the research could follow...
  2. burnoutat42

    To "HCG" Or Not "HCG" Two Weeks Into Testosterone Therapy Treatment?

    "To "HCG" Or Not "HCG" Two Weeks Into Testosterone Therapy Treatment? So after two weeks of "TRT Treatment", at Cyp 200 mg/ml – 0.40 ml IM/SQ twice weekly or 160 mg a week by balls have indeed elected to shrink! I'm going to include all of my initial labs below and would appreciate various...
  3. B

    One injection of Sustanon250 over three weeks graph (With bloodwork)

    So here it is guys, One injection of Sustanon250 (1ml - 250mg) every three weeks completely mapped out with regular blood work. I showed this to my urologist yesterday and she agreed it isn't working the way she expected so we've switched to weekly injections of 0.5ml Sustanon 250. I've brought...
  4. L

    New to TRT, I have a few questions for anyone willing to help (sorry for long post)

    Hey guys, first off this is a really great site, and I'm thankful for finding it. My name is Mike, I'm currently 34, 6'2", 335lbs. A little background about me.... Appx 6 years ago I was constantly drained, low libido, no drive, determination, etc. I had my doc check my test. It came back in...
  5. T

    19 years old, low testosterone

    Hey guys! (Sry for some grammatical issues, my native language isnt English) I have just joined the forum, but I was on this site several times ago and have read some interesting articles (how long till test effects are significant, ...). After months, actually more or less years of...
  6. A

    26 Year Old With Extremely Low Testosterone Levels - Need Guidance

    Hello ExcelMale forums, Since being diagnosed with Hypogonadism, I have been a regular lurker, on this forum and many others trying to better educate myself on my condition. Though at this point, I require the advice from those that have dealt with this struggle themselves. My struggle...
  7. Excel Male

    How should doctors monitor men receiving testosterone replacement therapy?

    Very good short paper that summarizes what several medical guidelines say about monitoring men on testosterone replacement. I suggest you print it out and give your doctor a copy since it is simple and short. The summary table is great! You will realize that not a single guideline group...
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