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  1. B

    PCT regiment coming off 2 years TRT

    I am 44 years old and have been on TRT for approx 2 years (from initial 150MG down to current 70MG weekly for 2 years). I find that I have too much stress, anger, agitation and anxeity while on TRT. I have tried everything lowering the dose, taking AI, switch from pinning once per week to 2x per...
  2. D

    Do testicle issues always = primary?

    The reason I ask is because I had a testicle that ended up in my abdomen somehow for a short period of time aged 6-7 probably thanks to a well placed knee from a friend This was bought down and stitched into place. Pre TRT labs showed 390ng/dl with midrange LH/FSH so a bit ambigous. Does...
  3. 8

    General Testicular pain while on TRT???

    I've been on 1ml cypionate per week for about 8 weeks. I've started having testicular pain about 2 weeks ago. Has anyone else had this issue? I was wondering if hCG could help? Perhaps it's due to testicular atrophy?
  4. Vince Carter

    For discussion: Estrogen via the testes (not Aromatase)

    Background, prescribed by Dr Saya: 50mg TCyp EOD (AM) 12.5mg Test TD to the scrotum (AM; for DHT increase) 500iu HCG 2x week 50mg DHEA TD (AM) 50mg Preg TD (AM) .15mg Anastrozole (prescribed "as needed", but is not used) Now, the topic of HCG and how it can effect the production of Estrogen in...
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