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  1. E

    Toronto Pharmacies for Test E

    Hi, I will be refilling my second bottle come this Monday, and I cannot find a refill anywhere. My doctor hasn't gotten back to me with any suggestions on where to find DELATESTRYL 200mg/ml. Does anyone know of anywhere in GTA or surrounding cities that has it in stock, I dont mind driving...
  2. C

    TRT side effect help

    I will try to be brief but I have been struggling to gain any benefits from TRT. I reluctantly started test inject mainly do to cost of other treatments six months ago. I have not seen or felt any positive benefits. My sleep has worsened, sex drive has actually gone done, testicular atrophy set...
  3. B

    Testosterone Expiration for opened vials

    What's the opinion on Testosterone shelf life for opened vials.... ? I was thinking of giving Test Prop a try again and have 90-95% full vial from Empower that was opened about 13-14 months ago....(it was stored in dark, dry place, the color and consistency still looks like new). Any thoughts?
  4. M

    How many mg’s more do i need?

    Hey guys. Last year i was pretty much dialed in on ug testosterone my total T was close to 900 and FT was around 26-27. Now i have testosterone from the pharmacy. 8 weeks back i started at 55mg 2x per week. So 110mg a week. My levels came back at: TT : 760 FT: 21 With how many mg’s do i...
  5. C

    Different vial color concern

    I’ve always had dark vials from hikma/Actavis but this time it is clear same manufacturer. I noticed it looks like the same tint as their progesterone vials and I’m concerned they mislabeled. I have picks of old vials vs the new clear one
  6. M

    Testosterone in Gel. Dosage

    TT 640 ng / dl TF 9 ng / dl SHBG 62 nmol / l E 32 pg / ml Since I can't get a recipe for Natesto, I'd like to use Testo Biodentico gel as a booster. Some of the gel options I found in the recipe: 3%> 30mg. Daily dose 30 days 5%> 50mg 10% <100mg Would 50mg a day be too much? Androgel is 50mg per day
  7. DixieWrecked

    Compounded vs Big Pharma

    This thread is an offshoot of a previous thread I just read linked here: The longer I'm on TRT, the worse I feel. Idk what to do anymore. Several members mention that they feel good on retail pharmacy test but not good on compounded test. They claim this to be true despite having...
  8. W

    Oxandrolone and Lab work

    Simple question that i cannot find the answer to: Will Oxandrolone alter Total Testosterone/ Free Testosterone on lab work?
  9. G

    Total testosterone MS and Nandrolone

    Is Total T MS panel specific enough to recognize a testosterone molecule from a nandrolone molecule? I know the standard non sensitive Total T panel can’t differentiate test and nandrolone and will add them together, and the Total T LC/MS/MS panel is specific enough to know the difference and...
  10. T

    High dose low total

    Hey guys I had a few questions. My drs. Have been useless!!!! original total t- 159 and 213 He started me on 100mg a week total t came back after being on 100mg at 133 so it dropped since November I have been on 200mg a week... total t always comes back at 430-480 injecting at home doing .33...
  11. M

    New Member Question Re "Standard Range=86.98 - 780.10 ng/dL"?

    I'm 58 years old, generally in good shape. I used to work and run regularly (3-4 times per week) but I've been somewhat limited for about a year due to COVID. I still work out at home with dumbells and run and use a stationary bike several days per week, but these are relatively short...
  12. W

    When will blood levels stabilize on prop EOD?

    I want to do a blood test but unsure as to when blood levels will stabilize after starting 40mg test prop EOD. Does anyone know?
  13. D

    Water retention when I inject @ evening and less when @ morning, ideas why ?

    I feel the best emotionally and get the best sleep as close to being natty when I inject ED around 12,5mg Test Prop in the evening prior to bed. Been experimenting for quite some time and indeed there is a very big difference. Wake up full of energy and feel calm during the day. Also this...
  14. A

    Is stability really something to aim for?

    Like some others I find that I feel best when Test is rising not when it is stable. Has anyone constructed a protocol that makes them feel great with high libido at the weekends and a little less distracted throughout the week when you have to get work done? Mon-Fri for me is sat behind a desk...
  15. S

    Testosterone:E2 ratio calculation

    Can't find a consistent answer to this. When calculating the T:E2 ratio, should I use free or total testosterone? I'm doing this for self research purposes. My last labs looked like this: Total T: 1110 (ref 250-1100) Free T: 224.2 (ref 35-155) E2: 35 (ref <= 29) T was high but that had to do...
  16. DixieWrecked

    Free Test and Symptom Resolution

    I was just curious where everyones free test sits according to your labs and how you feel. I ask that teh discussion be kept to a minimum. I know there are many other factors besides free t but i would like to take a survey just to get this one data point. example: I am at 25pg/ml and i feel...
  17. M

    4 weeks into TRT, feeling worse/mood crashes.

    Hey folks, I’ve been on 100mg Test-C 1x/wk for 4 weeks now. For the first 2-3 weeks I was feeling great overall, sense of wellbeing was way up, energetic, more motivated in the gym... just really doing well. The last couple of days have been... not that. I take my Test-C Thursday evening or...
  18. J

    Can you help me calculate testosterone dose in 0.5 cc syringe?

    I just received my medication and I'm a bit confused. I have 2x 5mL bottles of 200mg/mL test cyp. I am on a .1ml daily dose (which should be 20mg daily) I purchased easy touch u-100 27g .5cc 1/2" syringes per a suggestion in another thread. Problem is I'm sadly getting completely lost in the...
  19. D

    Anyone else feel like this?

    I started Testosterone replacement therapy about 2 months ago. I had low energy where I wanted to sleep all day everyday, couldn't pay attention to a word anyone was saying, didn't have emotion or desire to do anything, brain fog, cognition all down. Fast forward 2 months of 200mg of test c per...
  20. A

    Stopped ai how long to feel better?

    Switched to ed injections and stopped ai as I felt I didn’t need it! Been two weeks still not feeling better but definitely not having high e2 symptoms! My appetite is slowly coming back and my severe stomach pain and dizziness from adex is disappearing! how long until I feel better,morning...
  21. B

    Correct amount of HCG? 500IU every other day?

    How does one calculate the correct amount of HCG to combine with TRT to preserve sperm production? My doc prescribed 100IU a week to go with my 150mg of test C. However the study in the link below suggests 500IU every other day - that's quite a difference! How does one determine the correct...
  22. S

    How to properly transition from long ester to short ester?

    Say you're on enanthate and want to switch to a shorter ester like prop (better for dialing in instead of waiting 6 weeks just to make changes). How would you go about making the transition as smooth as possible? Ideally you'd just wait out the 4 weeks for it to fully clear the body before...
  23. E

    Daily Injections Increased Total and Free T

    Hello, I recently switched my regimen up to daily injections and noticed the following in my blood work. May 2019- 20 mg EOD Total T- 1039 Free T- 266.8 Oct 2019- 10 mg ED Total T- 1332 Free T- 294.6 My doctor said that these numbers were too high and lowered the dosage down to 8mg ED. I am...
  24. J

    125 mg a week

    Does anybody where 125 mg of testosterone a week would put my trough levels? It would be divided in 2 shots a week. Also is that dose enough to lower SHBG?
  25. J


    Does Defy have Natesto available ? Looking to try it since it’s the only form of TRT that does not suppress your HPTA.
  26. I

    Doc wants to take me off TRT and not sure what to do next (29 yo guy)

    TLDR: My urologist is refusing to keep treating me and I'm unsure if Testosterone is the answer to my symptoms. I would love advice from you guys on whether TRT is the right road for me. Background: I've had many blood tests over the past 2 years due to a list of symptoms (ED, lack of morning...
  27. C

    Low test + blood test

    Hello guys, Ive been trying to increase my test levels recently with clomid (taking on and off for more than ~8 months, in totally arround 4 times with more or less a month on) Im 26y old with a weight of 108kg and height of 190 cm. Im pretty athletic, going to the gym 3-4d per wk + 2 times...
  28. T

    T lowers when switching to daily?

    Anyone switch from EOD to Daily and have their T drop? I went from 40mg/EOD to 20mg/Daily and my total T went from 422 to 355.
  29. R

    Estradiol sensitive testing time and day

    Is it same to assume. Estrogen sensitive and shgb need to be tested on morning before your injection just like t and free t?
  30. B

    Men who have good natural T levels.—-

    Very healthy men with good T levels who excercise experience the same fluctuations in mood and libido as most men on T injections/ replacement. I feel far too many men “ overly adjust dosages” in order to find that perfect level. There really isnt one. The key is to find a dosage that keeps you...
  31. Z

    Finishing really fast

    So the last two days I have sex with my wife I literally have been only able to last for like 30 seconds to 1 minute. Mind you I have always been a guy who can go for atleast 10 minutes or more sometimes. I almost feel like premature ejaculation is worse then ED. Could it be my testosterone is...
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