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  1. T

    Dream Protocol?

    If testosterone supply was no issue, and all your blood markers were in check, what would be your dream TRT protocol? And injecting how often? Not looking for your dream cycle or blast. This is something you'd be staying on full-time.
  2. A

    Lowest dose you have heard to achieve 1000 ng?

    I have decreased my dose on 3 occasions and I still keep hitting over 1000ng each time with a corresponding high aromatise to E2. it seems when I decrease my dose my body just seems to metabolise these substances differently. I have titrated down from 100mg of Test E and 1000iu of HCG a week to...
  3. xqfq

    Testicles “retracting” during sex?

    Hi everyone- I’ve got a somewhat unusual question. I searched around and couldn’t find similar questions out there and so I’m hoping someone here may have some insight. Since beginning TRT 10 weeks ago, my testicles have begun “retracting” into my body during sex. This doesn’t seem to happen...
  4. Tremonti22

    Enanthate vs Cypionate

    any thoughts as to why I seem to feel better on the Enanthate vs Cyp? I know esters are slightly different, but I get less acne, less bloat & overall feel better on the E 150mg week Two 75mg injections