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  1. 1

    TRT question for female

    Hi All! I am female 34 yrs old. I got a full lab testing with hormone panel because I am mainly dealing with low libido and pre-menstrual anxiety. Before my cycle I just go thru a dark phase, I feel im in a weird head space and life is so gloomy. Its cyclical happening almost every month. All...
  2. M

    Empower text cream changed formula??

    Has anyone else noticed the Empower test cream is different? It seems more clumpy? And after I’m done applying it to my balls I have to rub my hands together to get it to flake off. It also seems to have given me a bit of irritation on my scrotum. I’ve never noticed this before, maybe l just got...
  3. W

    Major Reduction of T after Cream

    Just started TRT, 200mg cream in AM to scrotum 6 weeks ago with 50mg DHEA and 100mg Pregnenolone. At start my labs were, and frankly felt very “good” generally, mild libido issues, wanting to merely optimize overall health and vitality (active 55 YO), all other labs normal/optimal incl Thyroid...
  4. M

    Test Cream Labs Timing

    How soon after non-scrotal test cream application should I have labs drawn to measure testosterone levels? My understanding was 3-4 hours after application for blood draw. Thanks in advance for any feedback
  5. R

    Setting Expectations

    I am approximately 2 months post starting T replacement therapy. My testosterone, was typically, in the low 300 range, having been tested 4 times prior to starting therapy. I am also hypo thyroid (Hashimoto's) and was taking Synthroid with corresponding levels that were "supposedly" in the...
  6. M

    The Beginning of my TRT Journey

    Hi guys! Long time lurker here. Been having low T symptoms for too long. Decided to get them check many times in the last 3 years. Will post labs a bit under. Been consulting few docs in Montreal, but for some reason, they always say that being on the bottom range is absolutely normal. It is...
  7. B

    Insomnia... Xanax? Might try TRT again.....here we go again

    Welllll....here I am again. To start with I suffer with insomnia. A byproduct of my time in the sandbox. I have tried “everything” from over the counter products to prescription meds. Nothing seems to work. Or more accurately, those make me feel very hung over and drag ass the next day and do...
  8. A

    How long before the effects of test cream are felt?

    Hey all. First time poster. I was tested back in December and doc said I had low test, started testosterone topical cream 9 days ago now. 75mg/ml and using 1 ml a day on shoulders and arms as per doctors instructions. The first few days I noticed I was getting morning wood, which I attributed to...
  9. N

    Anyone have sleep issues while on Creams/gels?

    I was on injectables for almost 5 years and finally gave it up 14 months ago due to poor sleep that I could never correct. Since going off TRT my sleep has normalized, but I do miss the benefits I had while on TRT. Has anyone had any sleep issues while on creams/gels? I was thinking maybe...
  10. S

    Daily subq test before and after test cream

    I thought I would post these for guys who are curious about test cream. These labs are two weeks apart at same time of day. I am on 18mg a day of subq test cyp. Defy recommended I add two clicks of test cream to the scrotum daily for DHT affects. Apologies for not testing DHT. This is the...
  11. Z

    Cream levels super low

    So I got my labs done becuaase I was feeling very tired and fatigued. Felt just like not good at all- basically how I felt pre test. Anyways my protocol is 2 clicks twice (200mg) a day once in the morning once at night. I did my 2 clicks in the morning and got my labs done 26 hrs later (no dose...
  12. D

    Anyone used Injections and Cream

    Anyone here tried a combination of Testosterone injections and cream with good results? If so, what was the protocol? As a side question, when does testosterone cream 200 MG/GM (20%) kick in? Like when do you begin to notice benefits?
  13. M

    Testosterone Cream Application sites

    There is a great deal of information on the benefits of scrotal application. For those that are hesitant to apply on the scrotum due to concerns of high DHT/hair loss, has anyone had good success with other application sites outside of the usual locations such as shoulders, ribs, forearms etc...
  14. bbex2014

    Testosterone cream only protocols

    Just want to know how guys are currently doing that are on cream only protocols and what numbers everyone is getting for total, free, and dht on labs. I just recently got 755 total t, 21 free t on 3 clicks to the scrotum 4 hours prior to blood draw. I might just be one of the rare few who don't...
  15. bbex2014

    Empower Pharmacy 3rd party testing

    Does anyone know if Empower Pharmacy has 3rd party testing on their products? I only ask because I am a member of Keith Nichols facebook group and he talks of how most compounding pharmacies make inconsistent testosterone cream batches and he chooses Medquest exclusively because they 3rd party...
  16. K

    Scrotal cream effect on SHBG vs injectble

    For the guys who have labs on both . Does your SHBG tend to differ with injectable and Scrotal cream ? My SHBG goes from mid 20s to low teens on ANY dose or frequency of Test cyp . I was wondering if Cream is different ? Please let me know I am desperate.
  17. G

    Tread lightly with 200 mg/ml Testosterone Cream . . . My experience

    I have been on TRT since 2013. Long boring story but recently switched from daily Cypionate injections to transcrotal cream and just wanted to share my tale for others with regards to dosing: started 20% cream six weeks ago 2 clicks am AND pm all applied to the scrotum labs were crazy! Total...
  18. L

    Time for T Cream to Have Effect?

    With Defy, I started 20% Compounded T Cream about 4-5 days ago. I am on "two clicks" or 100 MG per day. Have been rubbing into arms/shoulders, and put 1-click onto scrotum today, but I am feeling literally no effect from this? I did IM injections about 2 years ago, then stopped TRT until now...
  19. D

    Testosterone Compound Cream Absorption / Labs / Ect

    Morning Gents, So I have been running Empower RX Compound cream for I guess a little over a year now Id say. Mine is 200mg/ml and I just do one click. From my understanding absorption was only around 10%, but pharmacist today said you absorb most of it? Thoughts? All the time I thought I'd be...
  20. L

    T-Cream Newbie, Please Help

    I'm with Defy and about to begin the protocol below. Unfortunately, everything arrived with no application instructions at all? I've done HCG and can handle that, but: 1) Where should I apply the T cream to start out here? Seems like a lot of guys are doing scrotal application? Or should I...
  21. R

    Issues with Testosterone Cream -- anyone else?

    I've been on a number of TRT protocols over the past 3 years. Injections most of the time. However, about 6-8 months ago, I got caught up in the "cream craze" and decided to give it a shot. A few things I've noticed: 1. Even at almost identical T levels (free and total), I feel worse on cream...
  22. Z

    Test on scrotum???

    I have been reading a lot of guys who say they are on injections but also do the cream on their scrotums. I was just wondering why essentially?
  23. Scott Myslinski

    Creams with new application over injectable?

    Hi all - I've heard many problems with creams both here and from other sources. However, this recent Tweet from Dr. Jay Campbell got me curious: Has anyone heard about this? What do you think? They're doing 2x / day application which would theoretically lead to more stable levels at least...
  24. J

    Testosterone Cream Applied to Scrotum?

    Anyone using testosterone cream daily applied to the scrotum as their primary delivery method for TRT? Can you share some details such as dosage amount and how you are feeling including mood, libido, and energy? Also, are there any negative sides you are experiencing? Thanks
  25. D

    TD test cream: testicle application

    I'd like to learn more about this delivery system, the protocol, and side effects from experienced users. Might be an TD option for me if the absorption is optimal and it minimizes paracrine collateral contact, thanks.
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