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  1. E

    Switch to IM from SQ? Lower E2? Sleep, digestion, maybe lower Free T...

    Long-term TRT patient, current protocol is 154mg/week in EOD SubQ shots (into thigh, belly, hip, etc). I've struggled on and off with digestion issues (constipation) and lack of deep sleep. A few months ago I started intermittent fasting and it's been good for dropping some weight. That combined...
  2. R

    Help with dosage

    Hey I’m I’m confused on exactly calculating on 1cc syringe mg. I’m prescribed 200mg/10ml test cyp. Doc currently has me doing pins 3 times a week at 160mg. So that would be .3cc on a 1cc syringe? Sorry if it’s stupid. I know a full CC is 200mg and .5 is 100mg and .1 would 50mg correct or am I...
  3. M

    4 weeks into TRT, feeling worse/mood crashes.

    Hey folks, I’ve been on 100mg Test-C 1x/wk for 4 weeks now. For the first 2-3 weeks I was feeling great overall, sense of wellbeing was way up, energetic, more motivated in the gym... just really doing well. The last couple of days have been... not that. I take my Test-C Thursday evening or...
  4. J

    Testosterone Leaking Out

    Good Morning All, I have been on TRT for about 4 weeks now. Everyday I feel better. However, when I inject my test c .25 ml every other day some of the test leaks out. When I inject in my glute it is fine but, if i inject in my shoulder I get quite a bit of leakage. I have tried leaving the...
  5. B

    Running out of TRT early? Switch to SubQ to last longer?

    It appears my vials don't last the full term. My prescription is 200mg/mL test C injected twice a week (0.5mL) and is supposed to last 5 weeks. Therefore the vial should include 5mL total. The vial only appears to last 8.5 out of 10 dosages and I wonder if this is due to some test C being left...
  6. B

    Please comment on my first TRT Protocol:

    After asking if the doc could split my dose into twice a week here is the protocol he recommended: Sunday evening: 75mg Test C taken intramuscularly Monday morning: .25mg HCG taken sub-Q Tuesday: 0.5mg Anastrozole Wednesday morning: 75mg Test C taken intramuscularly Thursday morning: .25mg HCG...
  7. B

    Feeling normal- i have been off T for 2 years

    I have been off T for a little over 2 years. I am not taking any clomid or anything. It took almost 2 years for me to really recover. Yes, thats how long it took. I can now have sex and get an erection anytime with no issues. My mood is much better and consistent. My energy level is good but not...
  8. I

    test c expiration

    My question.... Can I still use my testosterone cyp. after the expiration date? Thanks
  9. I

    testosterone expiration

    Can I still use testosterone cyp., after expiration? ,,
  10. S

    Difference between honeymoon and not enough T?

    While the honeymoon period was “fun” for me, it didn’t feel natural at all. Felt like I was on drugs most of the time, and wasn’t sustainable. But after that I enjoyed a short while that get much more natural but has since passed presumably as my body shit down natural production. Is that...
  11. J

    Testosterone vial and sunlight

    I have a bottle of test cyp sitting on my shelf in my room in case I ever decide to start TRT in the future. The expiration date is 2021. However I heard if the vial is exposed to sunlight it could damage the testosterone in the vial. Is that true if the testoserone vial was sitting on your...
  12. P

    Stop Test Cyp entirely for fertility?

    This question may be jumping the gun as I have not down a sperm analysis. So far the wife and I are still getting neg tests and its starting to bum her out thinking it's her. When I can say with almost 99% certainly I was probably shut down prior. I take 200mg test cyp/week. I dose my shots...
  13. W

    Help - time off TRT and don't want to lose muscle!

    Hello, I have a question for the physical culturists of the group. High and rapidly-increasing PSA has forced me off test cyp for a period of time, (probably > 2 months) until my biopsy and hopeful resolution with no cancer. I am 61, have been on TRT for close to 5 years, and 200 mg of MD...
  14. theodore1983

    Too high of dose side effects?

    Today is my third day after having an injection. I can’t sleep and my anxiety is through the roof. Are these common symptoms of too high of a dose?
  15. S

    Switching from anastrozole to aromasin

    Hey guys I just got recent blood work done and I’ve decided to switch from anastrozole over to aromasin. One reason is I’ve heard there is no rebound and even on a daily dose of arimidex I experienced rebounds in estrogen and very quickly. My protocol for these bloods were - 40mg test cyp eod...
  16. J

    TRT protocol

    How many mg is 200mg/ml of Test Cyp 0.38ml twice weekly? Sorry I never injected before and have no idea about the dosages. Does this protocol seem like it will work for a high shbg guy like me?
  17. F

    Need help dialing in protocol

    History: 1 year on TRT SHBG: 20-23 post TRT, 35 pre TRT Protocol: was initially on 150 mg per week, 500 IU HCG. I could never dial it in with an AI, so in the past 3 months I tried to lower my dose in order to find a protocol that works without an AI. Starting August, I went down to 100 mg...
  18. P

    Lifting and Weight Gain on TRT (26 Years Old/165 lbs)

    Hi All, TLDR and protocol at the bottom! I will be starting TRT tomorrow when my prescription arrives. I am an avid lifter and have been consistently working out and dieting for the past five years or so. Including tracking meals calories and macros down to the T. I am about to start a bulking...
  19. C

    My T dosage is too high. E2 high as well. Fighting symptoms.

    I've been lurking on this forum for about 6 weeks now. I was diagnosed back in Dec with low T. Low E2 as well. I went to see an hrt specialist in my area and he immediately put me on 100mg cyp + 300iu HCG every 3.5 days. No AI. I had bw done last week on my own volition (Thanks DiscountLabs!)...
  20. J

    Can anyone decipher what happened to me and what my labs mean?

    I went to meet with a TRT doc because of the experience my friend had in treating his low T. I was experiencing night sweats and poor sleep (tried melatonin and even ambien), diminished ability to grow muscle (following a strict diet and 6 days per week weight training), and high/low libido...
  21. B

    Mood, libido

    Hey guys. Got a question I'm hoping you can help me out with. I'm scheduled to see my Dr again in April, and that's a ways away so I'm wondering if I need to get in early, or if my experience is normal. I'll post as many details as possible, but if I forget anything just let me know. 38...